Netflix "Street Food" Chiayi Episode

Haven’t seen it yet.


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Just watched the episode.

Didn’t really engage with the main story and a bit disappointed didn’t get to see more yummy foods!

FYI i preferred this vlog over the Netflix episode


Good show. More about people than food.

Yes, just watching the Bangkok one. Interesting

He overdoes the bowels joke a bit.

EDIT: Sorry, that was meant for lost_in_space.

Lol, Taiwan’s culinary ‘traditions’. Even the title makes me laugh. More bastardised Chinese dishes rebranded…

I think Jay Fai is no longer ‘street food’ really considering you have to book to sit down in her shop now. As has been noted above, not a great deal about the food here. Jai fai fusses about cooking her omelette in the Japanese style. I’d prefer a kai dow cooked in 10s from a volcanic Thai wok any day. Anyway she is ruined now that she has the Michelin star, better to find the next Jai fai, back your own taste buds. :slight_smile:

I found the commentary by the American Thai grated. One extraordinary clanger she dropped at the end of the episode went something along the lines of, “street food is uniquely Thai, and uniquely Bangkok”.

As for the Jiayi episode, interesting choice of location really, I would’ve thought Tainan to be more appropriate. The main story revolves around a restaurant which prepares a fish head stew. The preparation of it on camera looked quite a loveless affair to me. Basically a stout woman shovelling cabbage, fish heads, packets of 豆皮 (or 豬皮 couldn’t tell) into a big pot. Boil it up, street food ready.

Not much else really, some guy smoking up goat under his house, leaving aside the fire risk and potential of harm from smoke inhalation to the rest of his family, didn’t really qualify as street food, perhaps I’m missing something.

Oh and according to our host and night market ambassador 豆腐花 is the dessert of Taiwan. Leaving aside this questionable claim, I did like the preparation of it in Jiayi, where they appear to actually add soy milk instead of the version you get in Taipei, which is 5% tofu, and 95% sugar water.

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Agree. Though I’ve never made it there. It’s supposed to be good