Netscape 7 help?

I just installed Netscape 7.1 and got the email that has been sitting on my server for the last six months.

Unfortunately, it has taken it upon itself to remember my password and keep downloading new email automatically.

Is there any way to turn this off? I have gone through all of the “preferences” screens and haven’t found one, but I know they have other settings available by editing their javascript settings files. I don’t want viruses and spam automatically downloaded – I delete those via a web interface before I get my email.


Also, does anyone know offhand how to set it up to handle multiple addresses in separate mailboxes?

It’s easy.

Click on the account title - in bold, above the inbox in your list of folders.

The RHS gives you a bunch of options: Read, Compose, and #3 is ‘View Settings’

Click on this and the settings manager comes up. Your account name will be highlighted, and underneath it is ‘server settings’.

Click on server settings and your options appear. You just tick (check, if you must!) the appropriate boxes. You can decide how often to check for mail, whether to download, and whether to leave the mail on the server. You could tell it to check regularly, so that you know when you have mail, but not to download. After using the webmail to check it you just hit the ‘get msgs’ button to download it.

To use multiple accounts just click on the button at the button marked ‘Add Accounts’, and enter the details. Set up the mail preferences in exactly the same way.

Note that Netscape prefers to use only one server for sending mail. You can specify which one to use by scrolling through your list of accounts in the settings manager. Down at the bottom of the list it says ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ - I guess you’ve already entered this info anyway.

When you send email it automatically lists the sender as being whichever account you’re in at the time. eg I send a mail to ‘StinkyBeanCurd@forumosa’, and you just hit the reply button, then I get a reply from Stinky even if the server which handles the mail sending is not forumosa. You can change this by using the dropdown menu at ‘From’ at the top of your email.

Hope this helps. Welcome to the club.

Thanks! Whew. I found that it doesn’t save the password permanently – just for the session – but it’s nice not to have to shut it down after getting my batch of mail.

It’s nice not to crash every two minutes while reading Forumosa. 4.7x was weird – I discovered that turning off image loading and javascript would prevent the Forumosa-reading crashes. Javascript I can understand, it’s unstable, but image-loading???

How is Netscape 7.1? I used to use Netscape but the last “upgrade” they had was so slow that I quit. I think it was 6.4. I hope it has improved.

um one question…due to some weird bugs in my explorer i have switched to netscape…my only prob with it is that if a webpage has background music in the home page (ie my own geocities page) netscape spits the dummy and asks me to download a plug in (quicktime which i already have) how do i get it to toe the line and play streaming downloads (ooh i tink i answered my own question…change default settings to allow streaming?)

7.1 seems very zippy to me. However, I am using it on a machine which is about 12x faster than my old one and which has a different OS, so it’s hard to make a comparison. :mrgreen:

No idea about background music. It hasn’t asked me to install any plugins except Flash, which I have avoided like the plague.

I tried 6.x when it came out, and decided to stay with 4.7

7.1 seems to work just fine, and I’m liking it a lot.

Just started using Mozilla Firefox 0.8. The fastest browser I’ve used, and despite not being quite an ‘official’ release yet is working fine so far.

With the tabbed browsing, the default is that the tabs open in the background, which I like.

The download manager is good, and has good options.