Network in Learning Chinese is a startup that offers online Chinese classes and tutoring services. Its next off-line event invites
a Taiwanese who opened a Mandarin center in Bangkok and
a Thai student who studies Mandarin in China and Taiwan.

Time is 7-9PM, July 26 (Wed)
Place is in the office of tapiooca
12F-1, 420, Keelung Road Sec. 1, Taipei (near exit 1 of MRT “Taipei 101”)

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Event Information on the Facebook:

Those prices from the website ( are either amazing, wrong, or confusing.

15 Classes in 30 Days
USD $15

30 Classes in 60 Days
USD $24

90 Classes in 180 Days
USD $54

I’m in Taiwan. Can I get the same pricing for face to face?

Most of your Javascript links are not working. So there’s no way to get information about your course offerings.

Hi, Tango42:

This price discount is offered to 100 new subscribers to use our service of online Chinese classes. We are not at the stage of sending tutors or organizing classroom teaching yet.
We encourage you to take the advantage of this new promotion. Should you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.