Neurology and National Health

I do Brazilian jiujitsu about 5-6 days a week. Recently I noticed tingling in my fingers and sometimes lightheadedness when I stand.

I am going to see a neurologist. I want to ask, under national health, do you need a referral to go to the hospital neurology department or can you just go?

Just go. Find the hospital website and find the relevant clinic and take a number.

should consider getting a cervical spine X ray and possibly MRI. Orthopedic surgery, neurology docs can arrange this. Just bring your insurance card and ask for these tests

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@the_bear @lotus425

Thanks for your responses. I couldn’t go today.

Are doctor’s clinics open during Mid Autumn Festival? I am sure general hospitals are open, right?

Best thing to do is go online to make an appointment with an orthopedic or neurological doctor ar the nearest hospital. Google translate will help. But to be honest I’m not sure if it would be your c-spine from the symptoms you describe.

I’ve had cervical herniated disc and the pain and tingling radiates down one side only and ends in one finger, it goes away with traction and NSAID. No lightheadedness though. The symptoms are pretty obvious for this condition.

@circleback Thank you for responding. I’m just preparing for the worst possible scenario.

What was your experience like with a herniated disc? How much was it? How long did you need to stay in the hospital?

No hospital stay. It’s more of a chronic problem. The docs suggest artificial disc replacement but I’m not yet convinced. Going through physical therapy and have to modify my activity which sucks. Can’t swim and only light jogging. It’s been over a year and it is still troublesome.

Let’s hope yours is not the same.

Thanks for responding. Although it may not seem like it, simply sharing your experience was helpful.

I checked and many spine and neck conditions, beyond herniated discs, can cause a tingling that runs down your arms. And, at very least, I hope if it is a herniated disc, since there is no pain, that there would be an option for non surgical treatment.

The worst part is waiting through the weekend wondering what it is.

PS I’ll go to the neurologist at Chang Gung on Monday

Usually discs are herniated at one level but can be multiple. You can tell which level is herniated depending on the finger that is affected. For example, if it’s down the outside of the arm and into the ring finger it’s probably your C6-C7. Usually you won’t need surgery if you haven’t lost strength, coordination, and there’s not alot of numbness and tingling pain. One way to check is to lay your head on a stiff pillow or rolled up towel and gently traction your neck, ie pull it. If the symptoms subside then it might be herniated.

When you see a doctor they’ll first do an xray and might follow up with an MRI. It’s not expensive if you’re on the national health system.

There are alot of treatment options before surgery, heat, ice, traction, massage, anti inflammatiory like ibuprofen, etc. Maybe see a chiropractor. I’ll bet you won’t need surgery.

If you’re feeling tingling in both hands in all fingers and feeling light headed it could be something completely different. Maybe a blood test for sugar levels.

BJJ is pretty tough on your c-spine with all the rolling and pulling. Might need to take a break.

Good luck and get well!