New background color is awful


I know that some people complained about the Discourse forum background being “too white” but I had no problem with that. At least it was readable. This new beige background is nauseating. Combined with light gray text color lacks contrast, making it difficult to read.

Is there a way for an individual user to change this back? I don’t think I can live with this color - hate to say it, but if there is no workaround, this is bad enough to drive me off the forum for good.


It would be cool if we could choose our own layout.

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I prefer this color but black text would be better.


Totally agree! Or at least if there was different themes we could choose from.


There do not seem to be many themes to choose from. Nor is there a function to switch themes or make uour own settings.

If you do find a Discourse Plugin that allows us to do anu of those things, please let me know


Don’t like the new background either. The other one was too white of course, but maybe it just needed thin black lines running all the way down both sides of the posts to offset the blinding whiteness. :smile: Or maybe if it was just a teeny bit off-white towards gray.


I much prefer this to the blinding white.


I go with the flow anything for me is fine, not blind yet :eyeglasses:


I prefer this one to the white.


It’s the same shade as my bathroom. Could we add a dirty grout chequer to complete the effect?


Is this Forumosa financial times edition?
Still better than white though.


I’m getting used to the new background color, though I can’t say that I like it much. It is a BIG relief though to have the black colored fonts again - the low-contrast gray was unreadable.

Still prefer sans serif.


For people displeased with the Solarized color scheme, is it that you object to any background color besides white (or gray)? Otherwise, what other color scheme do you think would work better?

There’s or this tool to experiment with your choices, a color picker and color scheme generator. It’d be interesting to see some alternative ideas.


I am already used to the BG color. Let’s keep it. :relaxed:

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A new year 2018, a new color, how about that suggestion?

Does anyone agree?


How about chartreuse? I don’t actually like the color, just the way it sounds.


This is the same color that I prefer when reading on my phone via Google Books. I like it because it’s not too intense on the eyes like white is. It’s supposed to closely resemble the paper used in novels (AFAIK).

However, I agree with @Idoloclast about preferring sans sarif (for online/electronic devices, at least). But I like sarifs in printed documents/books. Not sure why.


Our Dark Lord Satan demands red on black. Human worms can use the block-text function it if they want to read it!


I like the colour.


I like white on a black background. And that’s how I read eBooks on my phone.