New-born puppies looking for a home!

5 new-born puppies found in a campus in Linkou (greater Taipei area) are urgently looking for a caring parent!

A stray dog gave birth to 7 puppies in late Nov., and I found a home for two of the puppies.

There are still 5 to go!!! Please help!!
It’s rainy and windy and very cold these days. I am really worried if these new-borns can survive!

Puppies are kept outside in a quiet place under a deck. Their mummy is with them everyday, and the puppies are in good condition. Four of them are black; one is smokey.
You can see their pics here:

If you are seriously looking for a puppy,
if you are willing to bring up a puppy to become your best buddy for the next 10+ years,
if you are willing to take him/her to the vet for shots (vaccines etc.), and
If you are willing to have him neutered,

Please respond ASAP!!
The sooner you respond, the earlier the puppies can go to a sheltered home with caring parent(s)!!!

Puppies are no longer available.

what happened to them?

I successfully gave 3 away, but the school ‘took care of’ the rest following an accident, in which some students pulled out the puppies to play with and the Mommy “attacked” in some way. As far as I know, no one saw the dog ‘attack’ students, but somehow the whole matter was dealt promptly in less than an hour. Puppies were very likely given to the waste management party or something similar.

There are still 2 puppies to go from another female dog in the campus.

Anyone interested, please??

Is someone going to neuter the dogs on campus?

That’s the plan. But I need help! I took a very friendly dog to the vet with my scooter. I don’t think I can do this again with the rest of the dogs without the car, the crate etc. It’s also sad to see her go back to the campus in this cold…

There are many dogs, and the catcher just visited the campus the other day. I am not sure how many dogs still remain on campus now. But this neighborhood has way too many stray dogs that the issue will remain anyways. I already suggested to the students that they organize a stray dog club or something. But it takes time and also money to get this club on track to start neutering the dogs.