New business

Some of those that attended the first boiler room session in Carnegie’s might remember that i planned to open my own forwarding company with my wife. One of the reasons for my posting absense here on Forumosa is that we have now just about completed everything and that the business is now up and running, albeit we are still awaiting formal approval for the last licence required.

Should any of you either own or work for Companies that either import or export goods to or from Taiwan then we can be of service to you and would welcome the chance to provide some further information.

The one thing i will say is that we do not aim to compete purely on price, the market has enough cheap forwarders who do not give a damn about their clients just the volume of goods they can push through. We aim to provide a service to our clients.

our website can be found at NAC International Group. Any comments or feedback with regard to the site would also be appreciated, it is my first attempt at trying to do one of these.

Looks good, traveller. Do you enjoy exclusive relationships with your strategic partners in the US and China?

BTW, if you’d like assistance developing promotional materials (web site, printed materials, powerpoint shows, etc.) or carrying out market research in the US, please let me know:


Technically no, the agreements in place are not exclusive, although either side is expected to process any freight through the other unless there are specific reasons why not to, this normally includes special shipments or items classified as dangerous cargo where one party may not hold the necessary licences etc.

Do you plan to add agents in Australia and Europe?

Would you be able to do inwards customs declarations into Australia?

Mr He

Yes, we are currently in the process of adding an Australian agent who would be able to handle all inbound and outbound Australian freight.

With regard to Europe, the answer is also yes, but here i will be a little more guarded, some countries will appear quicker than others, so it depends where in europe you are shipping to. The management already have a long established netwwork of friends and contacts that could handle the business, but none as of yet are officially appointed agents.

Great idea and best of luck with the business. My only comment is on the logo… reminds me of the Rotary International logo… nothing major of course. Plus - from a design stand point your logo should have a transparent background - not white as it looks odd on your site.


Thanks for the feedback, i agree over the logo, just every attempt by me so far to do what you suggest, i agree wholeheartedly, has met with a pixellation issue once the transparent background is set against the darker background of the site.
Still trying to figure that one out.