New CD out by Ry Cooder

Recently Ry Cooder released a new CD, called “I FLATHEAD”.
For the hard core fans who enjoyed Paradise and Lunch, Chicken Skin Music or Into The Purple Valley in the 70’s, it is good to know this CD is somewhat in the same line. Have fun.

Ry Cooder? Bleh. . . Yea he’s a fairly proficient picker, but does he get totally shitfaced and puke on his fans? Does he smoke so much crack that he stumbles around his neighborhood in his skivies at 3 in the morning, to be photographed by the paparazzi, with all his bruises, track marks and scars? Does he slur drunken, incomprehensible lyrics mixed with profanity and hopeless despair? Not hardly. Sure, he’s ez listening, but he’s not nearly enough of a fuck-up to be seriously considered as a true arteest.

Does he sing on it? If he doesn’t sing, I may consider it. He’s such a truly amazing guitarist… and a crap singer. Actually it’s not so much that he’s a crap singer, it’s that I don’t like the songs he sings.

Just IMHO like.

That’s good news.

What a nonsense.