New CMC Zinger

As my wife is expecting our second child, I plan to buy a new car - preferably one that is big, reasonably priced, and can haul ass. I came across the new CMC Zinger pictured here in white and this time it looks decent. Less ugly than its predecessor. I drove it and it feels quite comfortable plus the spec sheet includes level 2 driving system.

There are loads of older models on the road, but does anyone here know much about the quality of CMC - I know that they build for Mitsubishi Taiwan - or would you buy a used Japanese SUV/MPV? Here is the new model’s web page.

I actually went to buy the car in December until the salesperson told me there’s no possibility of negotiation for a discount as it’s a new model that CMC feels is already priced competitively. They also had my 2019 Focus valued by some auction dealer who offered me 220,000 for whatever bs reason.

Anyway, any input would be greatly appreciated. I’ve searched the forum and it seems @sulavaca might be the person to ask.

Thank you for your time!


CMC is part of Yulon Group, the local and listed automaker.
They make quality cars. Plus, parts would be sourced domestically.

They are cheap. I find their quality in new models to be trash. So far have had loads of ectrical issues with various models. It’s fine while under warranty, but after is gonna suck. Their computer system sucks now too. Dealer says they can’t fix things because the computer won’t allow.

That said, they are pretty much all I drive haha. Can be fixed anywhere, except computers are hard now. And, to be fair, seems many car brands have gone the path of cheap crap that breaks early. So it may be on par with others?

Edit. My experiences have been with trucks and vans, not the new suv type. I would imagine though many parts are of the same likeness.

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As the late AR Mike used to say “Ain’t no F150, but it got 4 wheels.”

And congrats on the second child!

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A truck that has also become a steaming pile of shyte :innocent: for similar reasons plus extreme lack of ergonomics.

This gave me hope.

This removed the hopium.

Is this not just Mitsubishi? Made in Taiwan? What is the point of calling it CMC?

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Who was AR Mike?

CMC also offer a camping kit that can be installed in the 5 seat version.

I think Mitsubishi held back on giving CMC axes to a modern chassis, so CMC have continued to work with what they have. Possibly makes sense if CMC is a subsidiary of Yulon. That tech could magically appear in a Luxgen. I don’t think the exterior of the Taiwanese Mitsubishi Outlander has changed in 20 years.

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Likely get auto technology/manufacturing transfer or there’s some licensing fee involved. Been that way for decades.


Why get a new Zinger when you can get a 4th gen Honda CRV or a Toyota RAV4 or a Wish?
Quality is very ho-hum by comparison, depreciation higher, ergonomics not as good and it’s a truck chaiis, which is okay for hauling rocks or Americans, but you’d find much better driving dynamics from a purpose built passenger vehicle.


The irony is that if you’re a fleet buyer you can actually still get the fairly solid version of the F-series that’s remained unchanged for decades. I think that’s part of what drives (heh) the die-hard fanbois. They drive the fleet version for work and think the ones at the dealer are a prettied up version of the same thing instead of the cheaped out pos it’s become over the last 15 years or so.

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Is that what is going on? I have only driven and had dealership models. And they are noticeably terrible now :frowning: weak plastic computers on wheels :sweat_smile:

Sadly our Mitsubishi trucks are the same here now too.

Still #1 selling automobile.
I’ll take a Silverado, ty.

People still buy Sierras??

Yeah. Better truck than a Ram.

Too bad popularity doesn’t reflect quality haha. But I will admit, I am a die hard Ford guy. Even if they are total shit now.