New Costco Cathay credit card


Chinatrust is a weird egg, sometimes they approve foreigners, other times not

They don’t seem to have a pattern but go in and talk to the big cheese at your branch and ask him to send it in for you. Especially if you have given them ten years of business.


For the Costco Cathay credit card: so now that I’ve got this thing, what do I get with it? I know I can use it in Costco, and I finally did so the other day - but how do I get points? What can I do with the points? People tell me I can basically use the card to pay the annual Costco membership fee: how does that math work out? How many points will pay for the membership, and how many points do I get with X dollars of purchases? What’s the actual process to pay for membership with points? And do they have deals where you can get double points or whatever?


I think you get points that are equivalent to 1% cash back for Costco purchases made with the card, and 0.5% for all other purchases. Sometimes they’ll ask you when you make a purchase at Costco if you you want to apply your points to reduce your bill (I think they say 你要不要扣點數?). If you never use your points during ordinary purchases, I think they may just reduce your annual membership fee instead.


Thanks scomargo - so the discounts are roughly equivalent to a Carrefour membership card.

The relevant web page is I guess this one:

店內多利金回饋 1%: so as you said, 1% for points inside the store.

店外多利金回饋 0.5%: 0.5% for points with purchases outside the store.

And a bunch of other special stuff I’m not sure I understand. It looks like there are some hotel discounts, and gas discounts, and train discounts?

Ha … so at 1,200 per year for membership, I’d have to spend 120,000 to cover it with points? At the moment that seems unlikely. Do they sell Apple computers? I want to get a new iMac when/if they’re ever updated.

I wonder if there’s an annual fee for this credit card. I really should have asked my wife about this when I was filling out the forms and she was doing all the talking to sign me up.


I haven’t paid anual fee since I got this card. I do spend a lotta in Costco but not 120k that lotta. I`d average 5k to 10k - clothes and small appliances may bump it up.


Got a cryptic text message last night followed by a call this morning asking if I had tried to spend 440,000 NT$ on my Costco credit card on online purchases last night :thinking: em, no I did not. I was then instructed to call the number on the back of the credit card and let them know the attempted fraud (440K is higher than my limit so didn’t go through), have to wait a week for my new card. I’ve never used the card online or for any suspect transactions, it’s almost exclusively used in Costco and the RT Mart as I have other cards with rewards for fuel etc. Anyone else have attempted scams on their Costco card?


You don’t have to use your credit card online for it to be stolen.If you’ve used it at Costco and RT Mart, they have a record of it in their system, so someone could hack in and get the list of numbers. Someone could also hack Cathay Bank and get a list of numbers. Plus you implied it was used at places other than Costco and RT Mart. Same principle.


That I know hence asking if anyone else had issues, if they had it would imply a possible rogue employee or hack, if they haven’t it would imply a possible issue elsewhere on my side. Do you have a Costco card? Any issues?


I applied for one a couple weeks ago. I was told there is no annual fee as long as I have a Costco membership.

Since I’m from 'Murica (shhh…don’t tell anyone), they mailed me some W-9 form to fill out. Something about the US guvment wanting to know about my bank details in Taiwan. Shanghai International also made me fill out this info on an existing bank account I have with them.

My main reason for applying is so I will be able to use the Costco gas stations when they open.


No. Not yet. Thank you for the heads up. Yipes!

Have you used their website to order stuff before?


Nope, am registered to use it but never have.


Applied for mine in person at the Jhonghe branch on 12/25… quick and easy… got a phone call from Cathay United bank verifying my details on 1/2, and the card arrived by post on 1/5. Very straightforward process.