New Digital Camera

I’m considering buying a new digital camera. I’m looking for something that has some of the professional manual functions, a semi-decent lens, and that won’t cost too much.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


I am not sure if it would satisfy your needs for professional functions, but the Canon Powershot S70 got pretty good reviews.

I like the Canon S70 for its features, but its really quite ugly. The Canon EOS 350D has loads more features andlooks like a real camera, but its more than NT10000 more expensive. Are there any other cameras in the Canon EOS 350D’s range (with regards to features) from other manufacturers that are cheaper?

I’m also looking for a new digital camera and I’m seriously thinking about getting a Kodak Z5790. I think I saw one in Carrefour for under NT$15k…

After some consideration, i think the Canon Powershot S70 is probably the way to go. My first impressions of it being ugly have changed, and after some research its features seem to perfectly suit what i want.

Its basically a 7.1Mp point-and-shoot camera with loads of options to manually tweek your pics. Its also relatively cheap - about 13000$ online in taiwan.

If anyone knows of a camera in this range that they think is better than the S70, please let me know…