New driver's license regulations


Surprise, surprise, the papers have conflicting news (yet again).
According to CNA, holders of foreign licenses can now obtain an ROC license simply by going to their country’s representative office, getting their license “attested” (whatever the hell that means) and submitting it to the relevant authority here along with a translation, a medical certificate and an application form.
According to the China Post, however, you must go to the Taiwan rep. office in your home country, have it notarized, and submit that instead.
It seems you no longer have to sit a test locally.
Mr. Hartzell, do you think you could shed some light? Since the local reporters are totally unable to even get a simple story straight, what’s the actual story?


Guess one of them is right. However, in England we drive on the left hand side of the road. As far as I know, if you come from a country that drives on the right side, you have allways been able to show a valid international licence and get a Taiwan licence without a test. Anyway, if you can now get a licence notarized to get a Taiwan licence, do you know if this will apply to countries where we drive on the left? Many thanks


Isn’t it just so wonderful how much notice they gave us?