New Economic Immigration Bill

Next to impossible for a decent wage is correct.

I actually achieved that for the moment but the journey to it was too long and too difficult. Would never recommend to newbs.
Also if you lose a decent gig it’s real hard to get another one.


Just approved by the Executive Yuan today - will now head to the Legislative Yuan for review and voting

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One thing they are right: there is indeed a number of people leeching off the NHI, using it in spite of not living in Taiwan nor having contributed/contributing to the syystem. Surprise, surprise, they are those Overseas compatriots who have both ROC and foreign passports. It is actually impossible for a foreigner to suck off the NHI, can’t even abscond with the bill.

imagine actually believing this


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I’m a dual citizen. When I was 8n Taiwan. I had t pay out of pocket.

Thank you for paying. A lot unfortunately don´t… and like to brag about it.

Anyone knows where to find the exact contents of the draft bill? Is it going to have a change for APRC holders who got APRC though marriage ARC minimum in country days count (not requiring the 183 days/year anymore)?


This may be still the newest?

1071214-New Economic Immigration Bill

from here

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Thanks @tando

As far as I can see the relaxed 183 days rule is only for foreign professionals. I am guessing people who got their APRC based on marriage (even though they are professionals here) would not fall into that category, meaning still need to stay 183 days/yr under the current regulation.

I hope the new one gets released soon :pray:


As best I can tell, it looks like this session of the legislature has closed without passing this bill. At least, the session is closed and the last update on the bill online was 3 weeks ago.

The next session opens September 1.

You are probably right, the extraordinary session does not appear to have this bill as a priority

In English…


This thread is definitely of interest, I wonder if this bill will pass this fall?

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hi, has the new session open already? any news about it yet?

I believe the legislative yuan met yesterday to determine when the new session is to begin.

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Hiring a home help / career would potentially give a tax allowance of an extra 120,000 ?:thinking: . They may specify “ overseas “ helper … so we can all care for each other :slightly_smiling_face:


i’m mostly concerned with the 183 days/year rule for APRC based on marriage. hope for a reform coming soon


The new session of the legislative yuan is open, and this bill has been in the news in recent days. My reading is that the current session is focused mainly on budget, but our friends at the national development council are pushing hard to get a special entry for this bill into a review committee.


is this bill already approved?