New features for new 2005 FROD Fracas - Taiwan Edition

New features for new 2005 FROD Fracas - Taiwan Edition

New simplified transmission:

P - Park - Just select to park, anywhere, anytime.
R - Random - Accelerate / decelerate at random.
2F - Too fast - Automatically travel from 10 to 100kph over the speed limit
2S - Too slow - Annoy and block other road users
C - Cellphone mode - Automatically slow to a crawl when on the phone

(Reverse gear has been discontinued due to lack of interest)

New controls:

Headlamp flasher - automatically flashes repeatedly and operates horn at same time saving you from the complication of working both controls at once, or getting a sore wrist!

Horn control - simulate truck airhorns, trains, ambulances and police sirens with a twist of the knob. Never feel frustrated that you can’t get your message across.

Turn signals - random mode operates turn signals left, right and both at once completely at random. Have no idea where you’re going? Signal your confusion to everyone!

  • stealth mode cancels signals even if you bump the control carelessly. All turn signals are supressed so that no-one knows where you’re going!
  • disinformation mode automatically operates the signals the opposite direction to which way you turn the steering wheel to confuse other drivers. They can’t overtake you if they don’t know where you’re going!

Lighting switch - now set on high beam by default.

Handsfree Mode - talk on the cellphone and eat breakfast, play with your PDA or apply make-up at the same time. Simply let go of the steering wheel and let the car go wherever it wants. (Available on most models as option since 1990)

Motorcycle Emulation Mode - powerful new tool gives you the advantage in heavy traffic by making the vehicle appear to be a scooter to squeeze through tiny gaps, or driven in the motorcycle lane. Frod’s MEM technology allows you the best of both worlds.

Integrated radar detector and ABS system - Automatically applies maximum braking power when the unit detects radar waves.

On/Off accelerator pedal - simplifies your driving by operating at only two settings.

Other equipment:

Make-up mirror - new mirror is larger and more ergonomic to allow easier make-up application and adjustment by reducing unwanted view of the area behind the car. No more blind spots!

Stronger doors - Less prone to damage when thrown open quickly into the path of approaching motorcycles.

Seat cushion - Too short to see over the dash or reach the pedals? Seat cushion supplied standard in Hello Kitty fabric or Bamboo Reed designs.

Extra cupholders - Four cupholders in front so passengers can have drinks and betelnut at the same time without having to hot-swap paper cups.

Oversized ashtry - Heavy smoker? Tired of emptying the ashtray every week? 14l ashtray keeps even the laziest smoker happy!

Underseat holster for baseball bat - No more rooting around in the trunk in a tight situation. Dispute settlement has never been easier!

Optional equipment:

Nav system - Drive the same route more than 5 times and it’s stored in memory. Next time out, set the Autopilot to follow the path so you can spend the travel time doing more important things like talking or typing text messages on your cellphone, eating breakfast, doing your make-up, picking your nose, singing karaoke etc.

Karaoke system - Bored with looking at everyone else’s cars? Liven up your trip with the full-screen karaoke system!

Decal sets - Set your own style! Pretend your car is anything from a rugged off-road vehicle to a fire-breathing racecar, a spaceship or even a love-motel with our graphics and dress-up kits! (Authorized dealers only)

Voice activated horn - Record your own messages to operate the horn on appropriate phrases. So convenient!