🆔 New format for ARC/APRC number is not accepted--testing and reporting thread

Perhaps a slightly esoteric one…in the ”發票存摺 + 統一發票對獎機“ iphone app (used for storing and scanning receipts) there is an option to add your bank account details so any winning invoices are automatically credited.

However, during the adding bank account process (under 匯款帳戶) it asks for your ARC number, but the new the format is rejected. The old format works.

A workaround is to go to the Government einvoice website on a web browser and you can enter the details manually there:



This is the result of a misconception that if they changed the second letter to a number, then the new ID would be automatically accepted. But they would not listen to the criticism and implemented it their way.

Now all ARC checks have to be updated to accept the new ID format. There will be many places/websites overlooked until enough people hit the brick wall and complain.

I had to get new ID. I am now not using the old one on purpose. I want to force the companies to update their software. More and more people will be changed to new ID format and it will be a big nuisance for everyone.


And this is the arrogance of the ministers in charge:

“ The government insists that although the second digit for the new numbering system of the Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) and Alien Permanent Resident Certificate (APRC) will be an 8 and a 9, it will be compatible with the myriad of systems geared toward Taiwan ID numbers that currently only accept a 1 or a 2”

They’re so incompetent that they can’t even understand the problem if it’s staring at them


Yup…I agree, it’s good to report.

Does anyone know if there’s an official document (in Chinese) that can be sent to app or website developers which summarises the situation and explains what changes they need to make?

It would be useful to have something official to send to them rather than trying to write an explanation myself every time. There are some links at the beginning of the thread, but they seem to all be in English.

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Has button to change to Chinese language and code examples in many programming languages.


From my communications with the MOI they understood the problem very clearly. This “solution” was completely intentional.


More of a humorous situation than a real problem.

Doing taxes with the new number format

  • went to have the tax office print out my list of income from various sources that are officially registered (can’t remember what this form is called but it includes all of my sources of income at any tax that was deducted as well as the type of income declared by the institution that paid me). This form is very useful in having the exact numbers I need to fill out the form and, thankfully, to get a refund. :blush:
  • the office remembered me from the last time I’d been there to take care of my taxes by printing out the form for year 108. At that time I was in the process of getting my APRC and was not in possession of any ID except for my NHI card and passport and driver’s license. This was the same guy that helped me sort out that situation at that time and who, I believe for the first time, was responsible for dealing with people who had the new number format
  • seeing a new format card for the first time, he first tried to enter my ID number to the system. Nothing.
  • he tried scanning the bar code on the top of the back of the card. It brought up gibberish.
  • he tried various other iterations of my name, old ID number, new ID number, and the barcode. Nada.
  • the whole time we were kind of joking around about how ridiculous the new format was and how it didn’t cause anything but problems. Really nice easy going fellow.
  • finally realize that there was a smaller barcode at the bottom of the back of the card that needed to be scanned to get the correct information.
    Take away from this experience: if needed, the bottom back barcode on the A(P)RC card is the one that should be scanned

The bottom barcode is just your new A(P)RC number encoded.

(FAQ) Regarding Tax-Filing Issue for Foreign Taxpayers with New UI No.

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I just tried to file a complaint on the Hello Taipei app. Both my ARC and US passport numbers were denied. Used a Taiwan person’s ID and it went through. Anyone else have this issue?

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You’re a foreigner. You should be grateful and never complain /s



I’d never heard of Hello Taipei - it seems to be a petition website directed towards, or at least accommodating, foreigners?

Not accepting ARC numbers seems a fantastic way to resolve the complaints of foreigners though (by which I mean resolving the problem of having to deal with foreigners complaining).


I have an old number and it still works in the Hello Taipei app. If the new numbers really don’t work, that would be hilarious considering how much Ko Wen-Je has been pushing the app lately.

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Is it this Taipei Pass app?

At least I can use it to login with QR code on that Hello Taipei petition site.

I am registered in ‘Taipei Pass’ with new ID number.
I remember I had to upload the A(P)RC photo and wait for verification. It was a while ago.

Actually was pleasantly surprised when I opened it today and (almost) everything was in English. Probably introduced with last update on July 7.

That’s odd, because I still have an old number too, and it kept telling me “error. The ID you entered is invalid” and then it went through when I used a Taiwanese (male) friend’s ID (with “female” still selected from when I had entered my info :joy:)

I think it’s connected to it. The website I was on is: HELLO TAIPEI 臺北市單一陳情系統 but it keeps trying to convince me to sign up for Taipei pass to make log in easier. I wonder if I sign up for Taipei pass if I can get in that way. It’s stupid though, because the website is in like 10 different languages and seems to have been written in such a way that is supposed to be accommodating to foreigners more than locals. Even if Taipei pass works, if I only have one complaint to make, I should be able to do a one-time dealio and register with my foreign ID (by which I mean my passport number). What are tourists supposed to do? (when it’s not COVID times, I mean)

Update: I just called 1999 to lodge my complaint again and also add that I couldn’t use my non-Taiwanese ID on their app. They need 3-6 business days to “review my case”. We’ll see…

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cc @fifieldt

https://hello.gov.taipei → Submit case

I had a look at the code. It only accepts Taiwanese National ID numbers.



function IdentityIDCheck(applyUsrId) {
    if (applyUsrId == "" || applyUsrId == null) return true;
    var reg = /^[A-Za-z][12]\d{8}$/;
    if (reg.test(applyUsrId))
        var num = ChangeIdFirstValue(applyUsrId.charAt(0).toUpperCase());
        if (num != "") {
            applyUsrId = num.concat(applyUsrId.substr(1)); //將轉換的數字合併到原數字字串
            var idArray = applyUsrId.split("").map(Number);
            var idSum = idArray[0] + idArray[1] * 9 + idArray[2] * 8 + idArray[3] * 7 + idArray[4] * 6 +
                        idArray[5] * 5 + idArray[6] * 4 + idArray[7] * 3 + idArray[8] * 2 + idArray[9];
            var checkId = (idSum + idArray[10]) % 10 == 0 ? true : false;
            return checkId;

        return false;
    return false;

The workaround for foreigners is currently to use TaipeiPASS app to login through QR-Code.


Dumbbutts. Thank you for checking the code for me! Good to know I’m not crazy.

I also filed a case for that issue:


“Damn, the foreigners have figured out how to get past the ID number check we put there so they couldn’t complain.”


Me trying to file a complaint as a foreigner: