New forum: Arts & Entertainment

Thanks goes to Iris for championing this :slight_smile:

Dear Moderators,

Please help move the following threads into this forum:

Poagao’s newest movie:

Movie Festivals:

Movie Reviews:


Theatres in Taipei:

Other stuff:

Not to forget the Weekly Movie thread, of course:

plus two more threads:
Forum Misc - Thread title: Trainspotting, Last Post: 13.02.02
Open Forum - Thread title: Harry Potter, Last Post: 20.11.01


Too much trouble to make this films, books AND music?
Still have lots of music threads on Open, and elsewhere.
Seems logical if Iris and Alleycat don’t mind.

Don’t you think that that belongs in the Culture thread? I mean if literature, films and music are already taken out of culture, what’s left? Painting, sculpture and arts & crafts? Let’s leave something for Cranky. :?

I was stunned when I logged on this morning. Ooops, I’m the mod of a new forum :blush:

I didn’t mean to take anything from Cranky. :frowning: I made the suggestion of a movie forum because to me, the Culture and History forum always seemed more geared at CHINESE/TAIWAN culture and history (which of course makes it the perfect forum for discussions on Taiwanese movies). I wasn’t aware that it was originally meant as a Book and Movie forum. :blush:

Maybe we should set up short definitions for some of the forums?


Good idea. Because if Chinese movies are candidates for the Culture and History Forum, then so should Chinese/Taiwanese literature. Isn’t this Cranky’s area of expertise/interest? Isn’t that why he came on to Oriented in the first place? I’d hate to see his Forum diluted into nothingness… :?

I think it needs to be named in terms of non-Chinese/Taiwanese culture.

How about discussions on Newspapers and TV and news reporting, of which there seems to be a few, where should they go ?

So if it’s Chinese or Taiwanese-related film, literature, music or what have you, it stays in Cranky’s Forum? Fine by me, but has anyone asked Cranky about any of this? It seems like the polite thing to do.

As I said, I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes. Maybe this all went a bit fast? Maybe we should sit down first and work it all out? (though I know Germans can be a pest with their drive to “work it all out” :blush:) I’d be fine with a distinction between Chinese and non-Chinese books/movies/music. And I didn’t mean to take anybody’s position by moderating this. I actually think Cranky makes a great moderator for all the cultural-related stuff. I just realized that there were so many threads on movies and thought it might be nice to have them all together. That’s why I suggested a movie forum. :blush:


Iris, don’t worry – really. You don’t have anything to apologize for. My toes are fine. :wink:

But I must have given the wrong impression earlier. Sorry if this misled you. When I signed on as a moderator a long time ago, I had been under the impression that it would be for a forum on books & movies. But when the forum went up it had somehow transformed into Culture & History, which I agree is a somewhat different thing and would fit better with things on Chinese/Taiwan culture and history.

So I think a separate forum for books & movies is a good thing. But I’m content where I am now and would be happy with you as the mod of books & movies. I already moved a lots of threads over to the new forum and would move more except I keep getting “Invalid_Session”. :?

I wouldn’t mind keeping the books & movies relating to “greater China” in Culture & History. Or is that too confusing? What does everyone else think?

Maybe the problem isn’t that the new forum is too broad but that Culture & History is too vague beyond a few clear areas (Japanese era, etc.). Perhaps my forum needs a different name.

For the record, any confusing things that happened back in the good ol’ OrIeNtEd-dot-ORG days are most certainly Christine’s fault, not mine :wink:

I don’t doubt that we (inadvertantly) bait-and-switched on you, Mark. For this, I apologize, however belatedly this apology is.

With regards to clarifying the scope of the Culture & History, please feel free to give me (or Ant or Richard) some text that we can add to the front of the forums. This can hep guide readers’ expectations of the forum. You may have noticed that this part can take HTML code – so if you would ilke to suggest adding some fancy links or coding, please send it over (i’ve actually managed to fit in a form in there once)