New Forumosa



I think we did lose some members who didn’t make the transition over. But once I started to get used to it, I like it better. One thing I do miss is the titles we get like high school triad member.


Oh, that full moon! For a moment I thought you meant the discontinued one…


Suggestion: maybe display all four digits for years? “Sep 15” (for September 15th) and “Sep '15” (for Sep 2015) leads to pretty easy confusion.


[quote=“Andrew0409, post:122, topic:154449, full:true”]
One thing I do miss is the titles we get like high school triad member.[/quote]

First two times I read that as “One thing I do miss is the titties we get…”

Jeez I need to get out of the house…


I second this.

Or maybe just display month + year?


How’s it look?


It looks a lot better to me. I also agree with the others that it was a bit confusing before, but it looks great now. Thanks tempogain. You’re getting really good with tweaking the various settings.


Thanks! The software is designed to make it easy to make a lot of small changes. A little familiarity with things makes things easier.


Thanks - the small change makes the date clearer, and may help reduce the number of rather odd grave digs we’ve been getting lately.

I’ve really come around to this forum design. Somewhat better on a desktop, and far better on mobile.


Could be! I think though most should be the result of people coming across old posts. We show links to a number of suggested old posts in the current forum, which may be leading to it. It might reduce confusion about old posts being revived, at least.

Thanks! I like it a lot as well.


There’s an advanced search page now:

Should make things a bit easier.


Unfortunately we’re still having problems with Chinese character search, results are a bit mixed. There are some back-end problems that need to be worked out, so it could take a while.


Still not feeling to great about this color scheme. Tonight it could actually be making me queasy.

Someone just asked me what I’m looking at and said the color is weird ha.

Would be cool if there was some setting or an app or browser add-on to change the color to whatever we like.

I don’t think it works with Tapatalk does it?


I found a workaround if you use Chrome browser desktop.

The extension “High Contrast” allows for a few different color changes including changing the background to black.


I’ve seen some people reply with a “posted with Tapatalk” under.

Although I think the new format is pretty good for phone functiona in itself.


What happened my forumosa page just turned to white.


Looks the same here!


Mine is still yellowish…


Good. If it turns red, see a doctor immediately. :eek:


Seems I lost my regular badge. Just out of curiosity: What do you have to do to keep it?