New Forumosa

It’s been almost a week already since Forumosa migrated to this new version, but until today, I can only see very few posts. Is this the end of this very useful and informative site? That would be very sad.

Is this the new Forumosa already? I thought it’s a test version setup for users to give feed backs.

It was a test version 16 days ago. Now, they already closed the old forum, so you can not post there anymore.

FORUMOSA IS MOVING TO DISCOURSE! The database was successfully transferred! We are now tidying things up
Posting in all forums is suspended on this website. You can login to check your PMs. The web address of the new forums will be posted THIS WEEK!

but they haven’t posted the new address. I also think the new forum probably would inherit the original address, with just minor changes to the sub-directory structure.

I’m not clued in to the process though, so it’s just my guess. In any case, this test forum looks exactly the same as it was first setup, meaning new posts in the actual forum weren’t transfered to this one. Therefore it probably is still just a test forum. Maybe discourse move is giving Gus and the crew more issues than they anticipated.

guess I’m wrong. This is now the actual site, and the new address is

Time to call all ye old timers and frequent posters! Give some life to this forum!

They have just updated the banner on the old forum within 2 hours ago. So maybe people didn’t realize the test forum is actually the “new” forum.

Hi Folks:

I have posted the new URL on the old forums - the new URL is

There are still things that need to be done, like:

  1. create a new homepage at that directs people to the forums
  2. link to the old forums so that people can access their PMs there
  3. make publicly readable the forums here (currently, you need to login to see the forums)

I want to keep the phpBB installation in because over the past 16 years, there are many websites that link to discussions there. I still find links on Google that go to the temporary install we had for a few months

Please keep your suggestions, bug fixes, and ideas coming here!

And thank you for your support and interest in Forumosa

Had a bit of a fuss to “enter” due to not giving the right password. Anyways, I am in. Gotta get used to the format.


I’m here. Let’s get dis party started.

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I was unable to sign in using my old Forumosa user name and/or email address. So here I am, with a new name. I don’t think I’ll bother revealing who I was in the the past Forumosa life. Why not start off fresh? We’ll see how long it takes me to remake all the same old friends and enemies, especially in the political forums.

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Will take time to get used to. But at least no more insecure website alerts.

And the data base is here. Plus that mention of Oriented. I remember one of the first Oriented meetings…

BTW where are the emoticons?

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I cant see where I can start a new post. Been searching for 15 minutes.

Where’s all the cool notes and quotes and stuff on the bottom of everyone’s post thing?! It’s not gonna be the same without Rocket’s “Ain’t no thing, 'Cept my thing” And that great quote from the Big Lebowski that was at the bottom of somebody’s posts.

I don’t like this! I don’t like it at all!

Or is it just one of my ad/popup/java etc blockers?

And still no SSL support. For shame.

You should see a “+ New Topic” button at the top right of index pages like Let me know if you’re still having trouble.

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Yep, that isn’t a standard feature of the software. In your Settings page though, reached by clicking on your icon at top right, and then the gearwheel settings button just below, you can add an “About Me” message which will be seen on your user profile. Not the same, but something.

Pretty cool though that I could go through all those steps and have the post window remain there while doing it.

I see a popup when I type a colon.

:slight_smile: :smile: :wink: :sunny: :blush:

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Thank you. And how do we paste photos? Same? Quotes and stuff?

Oh, and one more question: how does one see OWN, say, the stuff one has written before?