New Forumosa

Click on your profile bubble on the top right of the screen. Click your username.

Click “Activity” on the left under your username.

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Yeah! We are back!
I really like the new forum and I hope it will as active as the old one :slight_smile:

One suggestion: We shouldn’t need to login in order to see the posts. There are lots of people that only uses the forum as a source of information, and not really post anything…

UPDATE: It’s possible to see the posts without logging in now. Cool!

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I like the new layout much better!


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To add an image, just paste the link into your post.

You can also upload images using the “up arrow” icon at the top of the post window (7th from the left)

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[quote=“Idoloclast, post:11, topic:154449, full:true”]
I was unable to sign in using my old Forumosa user name and/or email address.[/quote]
I had the same, so I used the “forgot my password” link to set the old password as my “new” password. Then I could log in.

Same problem here:
Unable to sign in with old Forumosa ID

And in the meantime I changed my email-adress.
Any way to go around this ?

(I am posting now with a complete new ID)

I dont like this new site at all.
I guess I just have to get used to it.

WHAT was the reason for the original change anyway ?

If there was a space in your ID, you’ll have to replace it with an underscore “_”. Please let me know if that solves the problem or not.

Once you’re in, contact me and I’ll be happy to remove those from your name–I decided I like “tempogain” better than “tempo_gain” as well :slight_smile:

I am still talking things over with @tempogain about what we should do with the old site. He just pointed out to me that all of our PMs were successfully transferred over from phpBB, so there doesn’t seem to be any reason to allow people to login there anymore.

Here is what I am thinking of recommending to him:

  1. Remove all login to /taiwan
  2. I’ll remove the banner zones or change them to classic 728x90 zones that will run on the top and bottom
  3. Redirect traffic that goes to to automatically jump here to

What do you think? On a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 = No, 3 = Meh, and 5 = Yes!

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In addition, I’m seeing that “names must end with a letter or a number”. It appears that final non-alphanumeric characters were lopped off during the changeover (for example “Yes!” would have become “Yes”)

If old internet links to the old forum can be redirected to its corresponding page here on the new forum, then that is the best option.

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Come on guys I can’t even login with my username I’ve been using for over 10 years…

Poorly handled.

Hi Doraemonster,

Thanks for that tip. Aside from what you said, I’ve got another fatal problem - my old user name on Forumosa contained a punctuation mark that the New Forumosa seems to not recognize. So it’s “game over” for my old user name. But that’s OK - time for a change.

I’m still feeling my way around on this new forum. It’s arranged very differently from the old dispensation, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.

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Pretty cool the way a link to a news article formats automatically, just paste the URL and you’re good to go, like in this post:

Heh, same thing for a link from this site, pretty cool too

I was not a fan of how the index page shows the most recent commented topic, but this is a great way to look into other topics on sub-forums that you would never visit.

This also brings more traffic to my cycling forum that didn’t get too much traffic when it was buried under sports in the old phpBB format…muahahaha!


Cool. We’ve tried to clean up the appearance and increase the utility of the Categories index page by setting up some new forum groups there, renaming/moving some stuff and making some other changes. It’s still a work in progress

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I like how partial quotes (made by marking text in a post and then clicking “quote reply”) automatically provide a link to the entire quote, and to the post it comes from, like this:

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I am here, so it must be idiot-proof to some extend.

I like the idea of the Wiki post, and I just tried to make one here:

I’m not going to lie, at first I didn’t like the new set up. But I’m starting to like the clean look and am getting used to it more. I wish our Avatar could be bigger though. And Is it just me or is there less posts than previously? I wonder if people didn’t come over to the new site because of the new set up.

Ditto to the avatar being able to be a little bigger.

I didn’t like how the old format you needed the avatar to be the right dimensions, that was hella annoying. This is a great improvement.