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yeah, I think many of us in the community have gotten to know each other by the avatars. It would be nice if they would bigger, like I don’t think you can really tell what my picture is.

It’s you running on a baseball field while holding a picture of you giving the finger to mao

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Clicking on your name, you see a profile page that gives a bigger view. If you enlarge it the resolution starts getting lost though–the system seems to upload a low-res copy.

It is good though not to have to resize or mess around with photobucket or the like. Upload from your device or the web and you’re good to go.

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So do we get one of them Boy Scout badgy deals the first time one of our posts gets zotzed by a Mod???

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Lemme try something:

Yep. Works with gifs

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It’s actually our team logo, me giving Mao the finger.

Also, I had just became a high school triad member. I did like the old status thing, it’s pretty amusing. I guess we have badges now? I’m still figuring it out.

I just noticed this while I was posting up the weekend ride for the cycling group.

If I decide to quote a post, the formatting does not get quoted. So I have to indent all the lines and bold everything. Did I miss something?

Can you give me an example? I just ran a test and the formatting seemed consistent.

My latest update to the cycling club thread:

Happens when I highlight the text I want to quote and press “quote”.

Hmmm. The system generates a preview that seems to ignore that formatting. To get the complete formatted post, click the down arrow at top right.

Maybe there’s a way around it when this isn’t desired, I’ll look.

Thanks TG.

Actually, when I posted the link to that thread, the post automatically showed the preview and the issue of formatting didn’t show unless the drop down was pressed, was a whole other issue. :sweat_smile: I was trying to get you to click the web address to get to the thread and test from there.

OK, I agree, one issue at a time :slight_smile:

I just made the last two posts by hitting “reply” on your post, and then the “thought balloon” icon at top left. In the first one, I manually changed the “full” parameter to “false”. This seems to have had some effect, but I’m not quite sure what :slight_smile:

Is this what you were looking for?

Bingo! :clap:

Thanks TG.

It would be great to bring back user ranks, such as the “High-school gangster”, “Shoe-wielding legislator”, “Night-market cop”, etc. perhaps taking the opportunity to update them with some new ones, for example:

檳榔西施 “Betel nut girl”
小氣陸客 “Cheap mainland tourist”
副里長 “Deputy village leader”
機車小屁孩 (any translation ideas?)

“Betel nut beauty” already existed iirc. But some of them seemed kind of dated. I mean, is “English teacher with headband” still a thing? :head_bandage:

I should have mentioned previously, it’s great being able to Like posts, definitely keep that.


I’ve been around since 2008 and never got this one really. Was this a reference to some news story from a long time ago? If yes than we need some more up-to-date ones, perhaps:

Visited Taiping Island
Apologized to aboriginals
Fired a missile into China

Youtube playlists are automatically embedded, pretty cool

Another great thing about the new forum engine that I’m not sure many people noticed is the ability to use Markdown, so it’s **bold** and *italic* for bold and italic instead of [b]bold[/b] and [i]italic[/i] in BB Code. Linking is also much simplified with the syntax [Google]( instead of [url=]Google[/url] and bullet lists are just:

* List item 1
* List item 2

Compared to the previous [list][*]List item 1[*]List item 2[/list].

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