New Forumosa

You have no respect for ancestors.

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Shouldn’t Replies, Views, Activity be before category and users because people are chatting and want to know what is happening.

Little balls under Users is a waste.

And why not list 1. who started post and 2. last person to post with time they posted.


Hi, I’m member at forumosa but forgot my password back then now I’m glad that I can login :relaxed:

I think one day I will forgot the password again … :laughing:

Happy to be back here at new Forumosa :slight_smile: and thank you to original Admin building up this community.

I like the way spoilers work.


Am I misunderstanding something?

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Sorry, who?

I guess what @tango42 means is not to list intermediate posters.

If that’s the case I agree with this sentiment. I think the topic list layout could be simplified, aiming for (a) the title column to take about 60% of the table width (as opposed to the current 40%), and (b) fewer avatars being displayed. It’d take some experimentation to arrive at the best way to reach this though.

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So I did misunderstand, lol. Well, then, apologies to tango42 and to everyone else, and thanks for clearing that up for me, Doraemonster. :+1::slight_smile:

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I added a “My Posts” link to the top of list pages, like the “Own” link on the old site.


This one button is so much win and doesn’t require me to click two things to get to “My Posts” like in the phpBB ages.

I tried to edit one of the old pinned Culture and History threads,, and the system informed me it has exceeded a characters limit.

That would make it impossible to make any future edit to that post except from deleting a large chunk of it. Should we remove this max characters limit?

That’s a long post! I ran a count on it, and bumped the limit up a few notches. That should cover it.

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By the way, the new color scheme is really easy to look at, great choice. How did you get Discourse system to play along?

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Took some trial and error, but was pretty logical in the end. I had to use a black that had a larger red component for the text. The first one had more blue in it, so we wound up with blue all over. A balanced black would give gray (like it was early on). Not sure why it’s set up like that.


I have to say I’m finally swayed by the move to discourse.

This new software is way better, it detects the links themselves so no faffing aroind, and It works well on mobile.

What with you slowly working thru the design issues it seems to have been a good move.


To be honest I hated it at first, and now I agree it’s better… but lots of emojis are still missing! :sob:

There’s the possibility to add them. I’ll make a thread for that purpose.

I’m all for bringing back the old emojis from phpBB, can’t really remember any specifics but is there an option to show more emoji’s in the pop up when you type the colon?

I don’t think so, but if you didn’t notice, it’s an autocomplete list and narrows things down as you type.