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Yes. When we add new emoji here, they are automatically added to the pop-up menu accessed from the colon. When you hit a colon, click the “more…” at the bottom of the popup list, then go to the last tab (a :star:)

The problem with the emojis above is that when I add them to Discourse, they are automatically squeezed into a 50x50 pixel square (maybe it isn’t 50, but it is definitely square), so they become distorted. I have tried making them into square images, but then they get shrunk when positioned in Discourse’s emoji library.

For my reference - these images below reside on our old phpBB website


There was actually a setting for that that I disabled, they seem to look OK now right?

When we add new emoji here, they are automatically added to the pop-up menu accessed from the colon.

I thought Ranlee meant the number of emoji that are shown, which seems to be set at 5.





On the old site:

On this new site: :runaway: I shrunk it because I did not know we could disable that setting


I found where you switched off the forced-square rendering for emojis, but it still seems to do it (maybe I need to refresh my browser cache). I added the old man emoji again, but it looks like the old granpa emoji


Yeah it doesn’t seem to do anything. I guess they keep the height restriction (60 pixels I think) regardless


Is there a plan to go back to the original web address (
I know the URL re-directs to this forum, just asking… :innocent:


No plan, because this discourse installation is hosted on itself, and www is our own server.


Agreed. Probably there are extensions with more emoticons and shit, somebody* should do some research. There’s another forum where I waste my time, and they were considering this as an option like 2 years ago. Now I’m thinking that if the migration is not very complicated, may be it’s worth to move forward…

*not me.


It wasn’t complicated for us because they did it for us. @arpit.jalan rocks

@tempogain and I have gradually learned how to customize this. There’s plenty to do still. I like how it’s coming along. Pls keep your suggestions and ideas coming


If both Brianjones and Jesus like it, I think we must be doing something right :slight_smile:


How much is the hosting?


US$200 a month


Pffff… way too much. We use the cheapest of the hostings (or almost),
it’s one of the biggest forums about politics in Spain, but we don’t have
ads, so we can’t afford such bill :frowning:

Thanks for the info anyway.

Or… can it be deployed in your own cheap hosting? any special requirement?


OK, two things.

First of all, I’m surprised that I replied from my email and I see my response in this thread. I assumed that it was a private message!

Secondly, it’s the second time that I see a response from @GooseEgg to one of my messages that it’s not graphically indicated to be so (normally you have this arrow symbol that tells you that a message is a reply).

What am I missing? are those replies hidden to other users or something like that? O_o


Yeah reply by email is a thing. Cool idea but it is a bit confusing. The email gives the prompt “Visit Message or reply to this email to respond.” which isn’t totally explicit.

If you post by using the blue “Reply” button at the bottom of a thread, the system won’t know it’s a reply to any individual post. You won’t get that unless you use the reply link within a post.


Yes. The code is completely open source. You are free to install it on your own server. The catch is that you are 100% responsible for its upkeep.

I chose to keep it hosted on Discourse so that I wouldn’t have to bother with upgrades and server loads. I have the option to port the entire website to a Discourse install on my own server and host it there for free.

Think about posting some ads then - after all, it’s a sizable and consistent audience. You should be able to find sponsors.

If you are philosophically against ads, then think about setting up a Patreon campaign. I think about this, too - but I like ads and I think local ads serve a purpose in a focused community. So, I may do both.



Well, it’s something that the guys didn’t want to have, but if costs go up, we might want to compensate them with ads. I’ll check the patreon thing too (no clue what it could be :P).

I’ve read that they have a docker package, so that should ease up the deployment a lot… as long as you have access to the OS and priviledges to install shit (which is not always the case)


For the larger ones, what if you split them up? E.g. top left corner, top right corner, etc.


Actually we figured out how to make them work–I think :). I’m gradually fixing them, a bit of code has to be entered for each one. I’ll try to do that three unadjusted ones shown in my post above now (done). If there’s any you’d like to see, please post them here