Emoji requests

Continuing the discussion from New Forumosa:

Request your favorite, yet missing, emojis here, and I’ll review and attempt to include them (they’ll appear on the final Custom tag of the emojis pop-up). This process will be immeasurably hastened if you link to an image for them :slight_smile:

Please copy in old Forumosa images from here (right click, choose Copy image URL, and include in a post):


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Old guy/lady
eye roll
running scared
face palm


–“Hey baby, how you doin’?”
–dead horse
–brick wall
–“no way”

It’s just occurred to me that there’s a rationale for bringing back all of the emojis that were ever used on the old site, even once. When reading through an old post, a missing emoji appears as a word or phrase that doesn’t necessarily convey the same meaning as the picture, e.g. the whistling emoji is called “innocent” iirc, so a person reading it would assume it’s meant to be a smiley with a halo, but in situations where it’s actually meant to depict amazement or a catcall, the word “innocent” doesn’t really make sense.


Not sure what you meant by “naughty”. :idunno: Showing an image from here (right click, copy image URL, and include the link in a post) will speed this up in the future:

True, but they all have to be entered individually, so we’ll have to make do with what we can get entered over time :slight_smile:

Is there an rofl one now?

This seems to be the laughiest one: :laughing:

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I wanted to post an image but didn’t know how to.

Is it possible to have a gif rofl emoticon? Like the one we used to have?

Find the image online.
Right click on it, and then choose Copy Image URL (or the like)
Paste the copied link into a post here.

I just did this with your avatar

Ok got it. Thanks.

Like that one.

That’s it. It’s now a smilie


[quote=“yyy, post:5, topic:155099, full:true”] When reading through an old post, a missing emoji appears as a word or phrase that doesn’t necessarily convey the same meaning as the picture,

Actually I just noticed that smilie code in old posts doesn’t get rendered even if the smilie has later been added, much like youtube links in old posts aren’t automatically embedded. Such things seem to only happen when a post is actually posted or edited through the system.

Sorry, not “naughty”, it was called “no-no”, wagging a finger.

Another good one is the animated “pondering”.

Personally, I prefer the old animated rofl over the new one. (And I would follow that sentence with the prayer emoji.)

Btw did you notice the animated bow is on page 2 of the “people” section, not the “custom” section? Not sure if that’s intentional…

Muchas gracias

I thought naughty was those emojis: one with the devil grinning, one scolding

Didn’t see that, it probably took the place of an existing smilie with the same name. Hmmm

EDIT: Yeah I put it in its rightful place by giving it a new name.

There is a post from Maoman with a lot of emojis in it. Could anything be done with that to add them?

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No, they’d still have to be added individually. The stock emojis are being rendered though as you can see. An example of what I meant is that although we have added the :notworthy: and :idunno: smilies to our custom list, they aren’t being rendered there (even though you quoted the post).