New Free Spyware Removal Program from M$ for XP/2000

Microsoft released a free spyware detection and removal tool for Windows XP/2000 NT.

Its pretty good, better than Adware and Search& Destroy I think.

can dwnld from link at, its about 6 megs.

Even a feature to check if your Windows machine is a genuine M$ one and not a stolen one, mine passed, yay


Its a Beta one but doesnt expire till June.

it is funny to see the major distributor of spyware selling a spyware tool. Wondering if it will uninstall the mediaplayer, messenger and WinXP

webdoctor -
thanks for the link. I dl’d and installed this prog.
It did find and remove a couple of troublesome bits on my computer. Looks to be a good prog so far.
I do not use IE or Outlook Express and this did seem to bother the prog a bit.
I use as my homepage and it did try to change this a few times but it seems to have leaqrned not to fuck about with this setting. Also attempted to install the new MS search engine as my search tool. I just said…“no.”
Seems to be ok so far.