New in Town

hello, i am new in this town and looking for other newcomers for social stuff…

Try hell :smiling_imp:

There is another three weeks to the next session. To be honest, there is a lots of young professionals and more relaxed long-timers etc there. Can be fun. :wink:

ok so tell me where is the best place to meet other English speaking foreigners here in Tpe. you don’t see them on the street :frowning:

Poor Bobby!

It’s a sad fact that this foreign community isn’t that friendly as you’ve already seen and I’m sure you won’t be the last to see this. Personally, I went to bars and met people as I would in my own country. After that it was friends of friends etc. though mostly through work conections and social outings. Expat communities are often quite competitive and you have to have been a resident for at least 10 years before you even make 2nd lieutenant! Good luck and welcome!

Not my impression.
I have managed to meet a couple of people at Segue, there are tons of them at the Oriented happy hour, which I linked to in my previous post. If Bobby studies at MTC, then he’ll find a ton of foreigners there, there are good ol’ Poxy or 45, Hash house harriers is a good place too etc.

If you want to meet people, then no problem.

yeah tried the bar thing and work place blah blah blah…but guess as you get older the possibility of making a simple acquaintance takes twice the effort.

ok so Oriented Happy hour next and see if there is more luck out there…

foreigners are pricey commodity here!


I am a german working for a Paintball Company in Kaohsiung untill February 2003.

Where can I meet other foreign people around town?