New iPod released with iTune 7

Very nice upgrade for the new ipods and a slick all new ipod shuffle.
iTune 7 is just awesome.
I can’t wait to get my new Mac, with next year releases of leopard it’s just going to be a treat.
Go Apple.

That new shuffle is sexxxy. :slight_smile:

The new video iPod looks very nice; I’d get one but I dislike the computer interface (that’s why I got rid of my first iPod in favor of the better-sounding iRiver).

People are saying they’re having problems with iTunes 7 so you might want to wait awhile til you upgrade.

Got a question - when the new iPods arrive here will you still be able to get the old ones? I want a cheaper nano! If not, I’ll go for SanDisk’s nano alternative.

Btw, I discovered recently that you can use iTunes with non-iPods:
iTunes Agent
“iTunes not just for iPods”

I installed it right after it’s release. Awesome, nothing wrong with it.
I don’t know if you’d be able to buy the older version of iPod.

I just got a new ipod! It’s super-cool. My old one (one of the first models with four orange buttons above the wheel) broke in a papaya milk related incident. It was full anyway so now I have a 30G one. Does anyone know how to convert any old videos to the right format?

I’ve been using videora iPod converter - it’s free, and it’s worked great for me.

These are the reported problems with 7.0 [quote] sound distortion, songs skipping, 3-second delays in playing tunes, and lost tracks[/quote] and alot of people are recommending to wait for the patch.

Thanks merge, but a friend put me onto this one for OSX;

Works fine although it makes the computer hamsters run like crazy.

Well, that’s weird, coz mine is just fine. Maybe i am loosing my earing :smiley:

use Quicktime

Thanks, figured it out. Got lots of Chinese films on it now so I can ‘study’ anywhere… :rainbow:

Yes, I BET that’s what you have on it. :wink:

YES! :angel:

Another super-cool thing is that it has a screenlock to prevent embarrassing things being seen. Like after the last time I went back to the mothership and my sister put a load of her music onto my ipod and then a week later back in Taipei I got busted for listening to Radiohead. IT WAS ON RANDOM! IT WASN’T MEEEE!

Anyone out there able to tell me how to erase/reformat and re download to my iPod, I have the 30gb version

just click ‘Restore’ on the ‘Settings’ menu.

Like all those “Chinese films”? :wink:

No! I am a good girl. Strictly Zhang Yi Mou. And I’m no music snob, but being caught with a copy of ‘The Bends’ at my age took some living down :laughing: