New law for Scooters and Motorcycles

There is a new law coming into effect on the 1st September, requiring all scooters and motorcycles to display the small insurance sticker currently Blue for 92 (2003) expiry date.
Failure to display is likely to lead to confiscation of said vehicle, plus a fine.

As many foreignors ride on what are technically illegal machines as they are not registered, then this is will effect you. Without registration, which requires either an ARC or a local girlfriend / boyfriend then registration cannot be completed, thus no insurance.

You have been warned.

So if u have taiwanese girlfriend me being from UK can drive legally? Also what do i need to get licence any ideas? thanx

Well, der! Of course you can – all you need is a girlfriend and you’re all set – as long as you have the special shoes. Of course, she needs to be able to prove that her hymen is intact, otherwise you’ll also need the special shirt, and they can be expensive.

Licensing ideas is a little more tricky. You need to contact the patents office for that, but be careful. Taiwan has a serious piracy problem. That being said, if your ideas are good enough, there are plenty of local idea offices here who’ll be happy to apply for an idea licence on your behalf.

Good luck! Something tells me you’re going to need it.

BTW, your Chinglish is excellent! Have you been studying long?

me going to need luck? Do I seem that stupid? Its a different world out there and i dont know anything, well not much about laws or anything yet

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So how many days till Barneyman gets the “politburo chair” rank?

I am only posting lots cos I wanna make sure I can get everything sorted and not be totally lost when I get there.

So how much is insurance ?