New laws and higher fines … 2003309959

This is good, but when they are not enforced it’s pure bull**** …

95 years after the horse has bolted they decide to start worrying about this!.. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Are there any new “laws” that matter ? That link is as vague and void of information as most TT stories. I know it won’t make any difference or improve anyone’s safety , they refuse to enforce existing laws anyway, just curious what’s in it.

[quote]The new law, part of which will take effect on July 1, includes some major changes. For instance, motorists driving at a speed that exceeds the limit by 60kph or more can now be fined between NT$6,000 (US$187.50) and NT$24,000, and have their licenses suspended for up to three months.

Meanwhile, truck drivers can be penalized from NT$15,000 to NT$60,000 and have their licenses revoked if they are found to be driving while intoxicated.

Slow drivers who use fast lanes and block traffic can be fined from NT$6,000 to NT$12,000.[/quote]The NEW potential penalties are clear enough from that link. What’s not so clear is the extent to which they differ from the current ones. I think that thing about the “slow drivers who use fast lanes” is new, and I guess the suspension of license for going more than 60kmh over the limit is new too.

I read that bit in the original link, thanks. I was wondering what the other 21 “laws” are, just for a giggle.

ahahahahaha… so i’ve gotta be doing 60 over the limit to worry about it…


what a load of bollocks… and i agree… where can we find out about the other laws??