New legislation- TARC still needed for NWOHR?

It’s valid for 6 months, and the date is printed on the settlement certificate copy (both in Chinese and English). Will keep you updated regarding my kid’s situation!

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Okay, I assume the blood test covers both the MMR and syphilis check, so one blood test will cover both requirements.

My kid’s approval came in the mail today. The primary difference is that I was granted AF405 (定居) and can immediately convert to HHR, whereas my kid’s was granted AF353 (有直系血親在臺灣地區設有戶籍者) and should need to live in Taiwan.

For those reading this, the optimal step would be to first finish YOUR household registration first before their birth, otherwise the residency requirement will remain for them.


Is the medical form attached on this webpage the one you use when doing your health check overseas? And it needs to be authenticated by TECO and also translated?

Looks like the same, but I used the PDF version ( ) instead.

No translation needed since it’s already in both English and Chinese.

For my case,

  • Notarization required (ask your TECO how + where to do it to save hassle)
  • Authentication required
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Feel this is an informative thread to cross post:
Foreign National here (born abroad outside Taiwan in the U.S.), and I just got my full Taiwanese citizenship with residency and NWHR passport using the new 2024 citizenship laws for those with parents from Taiwan… I can vote in Taiwan now!! (Some helpful tips posted here as well)


How does the Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents work when visiting the Mainland with dual citizenship?

Does the mainland only factor in the Travel Permit even if I hold a U.S. passport? I have a Chinese visa in my US passport too.