New legislation- TARC still needed for NWOHR?


I saw on this Reddit thread that the age limit for household registration appears to be removed, thus negating the need for a TARC with 365 day stay:

I also saw, from a comment there, that the 365 day requirement remains:

I’ll be going to Taiwan next month for a quick trip, and am wondering if I should apply for a TARC or save time and skip it- currently, I have the NWOHR passport with an entry/exit permit, am aged 40, and both of my parents have active household registration. I do plan on moving to Taiwan within the near future, so any clarity here would be great.

My daughter (age 2) also has an NWOHR passport, and I am wondering if she needs a TARC to stay in Taiwan as well. Our goal is to get household registration for the both of us.


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According to @tando the TARC holders mentioned in the news article you linked are not referring to people like you who qualify for Taiwan ID after living here for a year. They are talking about a different kind of TARC holders (eg. from China).

In any case, the law hasn’t come into effect yet.

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i don’t remember i posted that kind of things. where did you read it?

yes, if you were born abroad and had a parent with hhr at your birth, you can apply for hhr without staying for a year on TARC, once the amendment will become effective.

article 10 of the amended act says
第 10 條

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I linked the same article about a month ago and asked you the same question, and that was the answer you gave me (paraphrasing).

Below is the part of the article in question, which seems to contradict the new laws.

Rules allowing overseas nationals to obtain household registration by being legally and continuously resident in Taiwan for one full year, or more than 270 days a year for at least two years, remain unchanged.

no. you asked if the part was removed, so i answered it is not removed, and that part is not mensioned in the english news article, but is written in the original chinese version of the news article.

that is refering to this part

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Right, so the paragraph in the article I quoted is not related to what the OP and I were asking about, but something else, right?

EDIT: ok yeah, you just answered above that it was referring to something else.

right. nwohrs born to roc citizrens are exempted from the certain period of residency by this oart.

and they don’t need tarc by this part.

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the same article says


Thanks for the help! I’ll hold off on applying for the TARC, and will apply for HHR as soon as the process is finalized!

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So… How long on average does a legislative reading (or whatever stage this is stuck in) takes to complete? Are things like this effective immediately, or is it “to be enacted January 2024” or something? The suspense of that upcoming legislation is driving me nuts!

Anyone got time to look over Taiwanese Parents to see what needs to change? It needs an update but I’m swamped right now.

if your parent was a national with hhr when you were born, you don’t need to be on tarc to get your hhr.

  1. if you are a minor or born in taiwan, you can enter with foreign passport and register your hhr
  2. if you are born abroad and not a minor, you need to enter with a nwohr passport to register your hhr

if none of your parent is a national with hhr, it remains the same, or almost the same.

not sure if you want to add, but if you were born in prc, different rules are applied.

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AF384 is for NWOHRs over 20 years old who were born overseas, but whose parents have or had household registration in Taiwan. Usually used when the household registration has lapsed and/or parents are deceased

age limit was removed. minor whose parents are deceased can apply for tarc on this

one year, without departure

335 days or more in a year

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My son was born in Taiwan when ROC mothers could not pass in citizenship to children. So he stayed on his ARC and left before he turned 20. Now of course in 2000 they made children born from 1980 to 1999 in Taiwan to foreign parent and ROC mother eligible for ROC passport and ID card but it was not automatic you had to formally apply for it.

So it seems this law probably does not include him. He has NWOHR passport with no HHR or ID card issued in Australia. TECO Sydney were but you were born in Taiwan to ROC parent why don’t you already have HHR and ID Card. Clueless … lol


if you were born in taiwan between 1980 and 2000 with a foreign father and a taiwanese mothet with hhr, you can already ditectly get your hhr, so don’t need to wait for the ammended act will become effective. they expanded it to all nationals who were born in taiwan under parents with hhr and left taiwan without registering hhr.

but, your son dont want to do conscription, so dont want hhr yet. no?

the ammended law is don’t need to be on tarc. if you want, you can be on tarc.


Well he did not do military service in Taiwan. He had some friends who got their Taiwan ID and passport and after finishing high school went to the airport to fly to their other country of nationality but were told, nup can’t leave until you do your military service. Opps. Back in 2010 your military service time was a year if I recall. I do believe you can inform me of that.

Thing is he applied for his Taiwan passport in Australia in 2011 so no HHR or ID card could be issued.


it is and will be still the same. they need to enter taiwan to apply for hhr.

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the link and instructions may be changed when the amendment will become effective, though


Instructions are available in Chinese

in english

  • you were born in Taiwan between February 10th 1989 and February 9th 1999 and your mother had Household Registration (even if your father was not Taiwanese)

at this moment:
between February 10th 1980 and February 9th 2000
not even if. just if

this part is expanded to all nationals who were born in taiwan with at least one parent with hhr, so maybe no need to describe specifically.

instead, people born with taiwanese parents but cannot get roc citizenship could be excluded at the beginning.

If your parents are Taiwanese nationals it is very likely you are too, automatically.

note: if your father is a foreigner, your birth date should be february 10, 1980 or later.


Well, I guess ur son now almost past conscription age, he can come and get his hhr and national ID of he wants. Not that it is needed since already an Australian national haha