New Lounge Bar/Restaurant in Kaohsiung

It’s called “Noah’s Ark”. Big place, decorated with lots of white color. I’m told it’s open early (maybe as early as noon). So it’s like a restaurant in the afternoon and a lounge bar at night. I didn’t try the food, but from the pictures off the link below, I’d guess good. Prices are normal lounge bar prices. Also, nice seating outside. I’m told they want to have Dj’s there at night (probably just weekend nights) playing lounge bar type music. The local dj record shop (211 Records) is trying to convince them to play more “dancy” music . So who knows, maybe they’ll end up like BOBO’s, but unlikely.

My impression: It was fine once, but I honestly had no feeling on going back. Maybe b/c it was too open. I like dark, ‘mysterious’ lounge bars. But anyhow, click the link and take a look. … adid=24600

Oh yeah, and it’s located on Zhongshan 1st Rd, (高雄市中山一路21號) on the circle near that really tall apartment building. (sorry, can’t do any better than that)