New mall in the Banqiao train station

Global Mall has finally opened its branch in the Banqiao train station (B1 and 2F). For those taking the MRT, get off at Banqiao station.

From what I’ve seen, for many retail items you’d be better off at the nearby Banqiao FE21 department store or the other Global Mall in Zhonghe. But the situation is quite different when it comes to food. In this regard the new mall looks pretty good, especially for Banqiao, and would be well worth visiting if you’re in the area.

Here are a few places of note:
[ul][li]Bravo Beer (2F): a restaurant that showcases its selection of Belgian beers. [/li]
[li]Granny Sara yogurt (Shālā Nǎinai / 莎拉奶奶) (B1), which sells naturally thick, unsweetened yogurt. This is the real thing, which is wonderful change from the milk-flavored sugar water that companies in Taiwan like to call yogurt.[/li]
[li]Orange (B1) a bakery and organic supermarket[/li][/ul]

Some stores (such as the yogurt place) offer a discount to those with a Global Mall membership card, which can be acquired for free at the information desk on the second floor.

That’s nice to know. There’s always been a lot of empty space there.
The kids and I spent the afternoon at the Global mall yesterday. I just give them a couple hundred bucks and then hang out at Starbucks.