New Mexican food joint - “遊牧 to go Nomad”

A new Mexican food little joint just opened! English menu available. Pulled pork, roasted beef and vegetarian or vegan options. Love the Chicken & Chorizo platter, check it out!

Are you going to give us the name?


I’d settle for a location


遊牧 To go Nomad

Ahahahahah sorry guys totally forgot- 43 Leyeh St. It’s 5 min walk from Liuzhangli MRT (brown line)

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To be clear, is this your restaurant?

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Is there a site? Facebook page?

You will give the Bear a free chimichanga when he turns up one day.

Was previously a coffee shop. Good luck, I’m going to try this weekend.

No. 43號, Leye Street, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106
02 8732 1560

Yeah it’s my own place. Just returned to Taiwan after 4 years of hitchhiking tour around the world. Need to feed my cravings for GOOD Mexican food and need to make new friends! Hope this is not wrong…


All the best in your business venture. I shall make an effort to sample your cuisine next time I am in Taipei.


Any pictures of the food?

I hope the “to go” is just part of the name. Can one dine in?

If not, there is a park and a 7/11 across the street.

You seem to be missing tacos on your menu. I’m sure it’s just an oversight… :praying:

Tortilla soup!

edit: hopefully it has chicken & chorizo in it too


Not yet…will soon on the FB page!

Sure you can, its just so tiny there’s only a long bench now for sitting. There’s a park right in front where you find picnic tables.

I too want to have tacos on my menu, but at the moment I’m the only person running the kitchen and I make everything (except monterey jack cheese)- I even sourced fresh jalapeño and habenero peppers so I make the hot sauce too. Nothing processed used. Will definitely put tacos on once I can afford staffs😊


You bet! It comes with chicken & chorizo and chips

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