New Movie about Lanyu, "Long Time No Sea"

Last time I wrote about Wawa no Cidal and the thread got moved from the movie forum to the culture & history forum. In case that’s still the rule (that movies about Taiwan culture should be in culture & history), there is a new movie about Lanyu, called Long Time No Sea.

For the love of god, why not “Only the Sea Knows?” Hard to take a movie seriously when it uses such a weak pun as a title.

one- or two-sentence synopsis for the lazy people among us?

A young indigenous boy on Lanyu misses his father who is working on the Formosan mainland so he joins a traditional dance troupe in the hope that he can perform for his father on the Formosan mainland.

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thanks. Sounds interesting. Need more stories like this in mainstream Taiwan movie and TV industry.


Yeah, Taiwan’s terrible with movie titles… I guess it conveys the fact that the kid doesn’t get to see his dad, so at least it’s still relevant?

At first glance I was thinking the kid is on the mainland pining for the fjords. But, no.