New Posts quirk

Not sure if it is just me, or whether everyone gets this same issue.

when first logging on you can see how many posts have been made since your last visit, and there are then three easy ways of viewing said list of posts.

  1. View posts since last visit. This brings up the list with a short precis of each post.

  2. Click on the letters NE from the word NEW in the links at the top right hand corner. This brings up a list without the precis.

  3. Click on the letter W of the same word in 2), this brings up the same list as 1)

My quirk, is that the results for 1 and 3 appear to be the same, but 2 only brings up about half of the list.

Example of this morning, first logged in 129 posts since last visit, select option 1 and i get a list of 103, i assume the others sit in the flame forum and therefore not avaialble for an ordinary poster, but select option 2 and i only got about 50.

Admins, techies, any idea as to this little quirk.

Are you talking about the text at the top of the screen that reads “search found (number) matches”?

I presume that when you select the “w” for new posts it counts the posts, and when you select the “ne” for topics in which there have been new posts, it counts those topics. As there are very often multiple new posts in a single topic, that would explain the lower number of topics compared to posts.

Cheers Joe,

next time will look at the link text before posting stupid questions :homer: :homer:

:notworthy: I was wondering how to get the short list…

Joe’s right. And btw, the text when you click on the W is not a precis, but the entire text of those posts

“page 2” completely not working now, ALWAYS comes up “no posts met your criteria”

Are you referring to when you use the past 24 hour links?

I’ve forgotten to move the pageination links to the top. Thanks for reminding me

was referring to “new posts” (since last visit) links, however seems to have worked now!

Don’t forget to refer to the tips above from joesax :sunglasses:

What, exactly, is the point of having over one page of new posts if you have to go directly to the second page in order to see that page? Even if I go directly there, if someone posts before I click, it’s always “no posts met your criteria”.

You are right. I don’t think the point was to have over one page of new posts! But because there are times when there are so many people posting on the forums at the same time, it renders the dynamic links that are used in this page meaningless!

could we have an option to show more than 50 posts per page or something? this is always a real pain, i miss out on a lot of posts i would have wanted to follow up on, even if i click on page 2 milliseconds after opening page one i get “no posts met your criteria” more often than not.

Do you have an RSS Reader?

If you do, then you can create your own Forumosa RSS or Javascript Feeds at

You can decide how many posts you want in that feed at any given time, and customise the feed so that it pulls only the forums you want to monitor.

[color=red]FAIR WARNING: lately, we have been looking into ways to re-organize the forums now that it seems the sub-forums modification is working well. Also, we are close to removing the Forumosafied Forums and directing you to the website[/color]

seems the last week “page 2” always comes up ok, not getting “no posts met your criteria” anymore, keeping my fingers crossed