New Preschool

I wanted to post an add about a new preschool I am opening in Taipei City. It’s based on American preschools and is using the Creative Curriculum which is widely used in the U.S.
Right now, it’s just a half day program with emphasis on “center” learning.

We have a program for students to come on which days convenience them, 5 days a week, or as little as one. The target age group is from 3-6 years old, however, we do accept 2 1/2 year olds.

For more information, please refer to our website at

and for our sister site that emphasizes on teaching English to Taiwanese school aged kids, refer to


Hi Bonnie,

Good luck with your new school.

I just looked over your linked website and have one question. Why do you have your students type their final written assignments on a computer? Just curious.


Hi…I’m guessing you’re not talking about the preschool. At our other location where we teach older children, we have many kids who really enjoy using the computers, so we like to have them practice typing in english as well.

It started because it was preferred by the children to do so, it also helps reinforce to them if they’ve mispelled something or if their grammaar is wrong while they’re doing their homework, and we’re not around.

We also have many papers and assignments that are written out and we post them around our school location.