New products that suck BAD

So a couple Saturdays ago, me & the chieflette are out running errands on the scoot, it’s motherfuckin HOT, we swing into a Family Mart for a cold drink, I see this Green Tea Sprite, I ain’t tasted it yet, I like Sprite, ask her if she’s tasted it, but she doesn’t drink fizzy pops, so she has no idea, so I’m like, hey, it’s hotter than fuck out, it’s cold, it’s got bubbles, how bad can it be???

I took one sip and literally did a spit take, spraying it out onto the road, it’s fuckin HORRIBLE!!
Honest, I’ve never tasted piss with bubbles in it, but I can’t imagine it tasting even a little worse than this crap, who in the fuck likes this shit???

7-11 own brand anything, tried their crisps (potato chips) once, scary chemicals.

Wow, I had the misfortune to drink a bottle of that at the weekend too. I finished it, but it wasn’t easy.

It was the last bottle of fizzy pop left in our fridge and I’d just been out for a cycle. Looked like normal Sprite too, the sneaky bugger.

Talking of 7-11, I bought this … this … this … some kind of … thing, the other day. In an opaque package so you couldn’t see inside. Asked the drone what it was. Shrimp. I liked it. Succinct. Factual. To the point. No beating around the bush. OK, fire up the barbie, Bruce, I quipped merrily to a blank stare and a grunted “Jia ri ma?”

It was shrimp, all right. Three shrimp encased in rubbery batter poked into a wad of rice and with a bit of seaweed stuck to it. BLEUUURGH! is being polite.

Would of gone great with green tea Sprite, I’m thinking.

Haven’t you tried their beer-flavored green tea?

See, that one at least you could look at it and KNOW it was going to taste like it was extracted from the glands of some large animal that eats garbage or something.

I’ll tell you what, and this is something that could go in the pet peeves thread too: It really disappoints me when people write off beer green tea based on that 7-Eleven travesty of the real thing.

[quote]beer green tea based on that 7-Eleven travesty of the real thing.
It’s a real THING?
God! Now I think I’VE thrown up in my mouth a little bit. :noway:

Although Jessie at Summer Point Jr. turned me on to that Choya plum booze stuff mixed with unsugared green tea. Its kind of weird to take two absolutely disgusting products that are quite nice when mixed together.

Why I don’t get, is why have BEER flavored green tea? Green tea flavored beer I could still try to understand, but… :loco:

The mint flavoured Sprite they had a while back (is it still on sale?) was the same, took one sip and spat it out, nasty stuff.
I guess someone’s tasked with coming up with new flavours, but why can’t they make stuff that tastes nice instead of all this crap?

7-11 has some nice own brand crisps/chips. There’s the black pepper ones and the garlic ones, they’re not bad, but I guess they’re kind of “expensive”…

I don’t know whether it’s beer flavored tea or tea flavored beer. But it’s good. You can get it in Taichung. It doesn’t work if you try to make it yourself.

As for mint drinks, I remember buying mint soda in a French hypermarket and being disappointed that it tasted like toothpaste. But I’d like to try it again. Perhaps my taste has matured since then.