New R1

Is the new R1 they are using in World Superbikes a 2006 spec YZR-M1?

no way…not possible

Beast619 is correct… The 2006 M1, or any M1 for that matter would never pass WSBK homologation rules:

[quote]Eligibility requirements:

  • Motorcycles must have a valid international homologation for road use or a national homologation for road use obtained in one of the signatory countries of the 1968 Vienna Convention.
  • The motorcycles must represent machines of mass production.
  • The motorcycles must be of current production.
  • The motorcycles are to be sold for every day use.
  • At the time of the FIM inspection for homologation, the motorcycles must be completely equipped with all road-using equipment. (e.g. full lighting equipment).
  • Only the original manufacturer may present the motorcycle for homologation.
  • The manufacturer must be a holder of an FIM licence for manufacturers.
  • If the motorcycle is presented with an engine from a motorcycle manufacturer different from the manufacturer requesting the homologation, a permission or commercial agreement must be presented at the time of the homologation request.
  • The motorcycle must have a manufacturer’s certificate of origin.[/quote]

JAAME i think where you might have misunderstood is when all the WSBK commentators said SPIES is using the same BIG BANG type engine ROSSI uses on his M1. Where its nothing to do with the rest of the motorcycle or the engine itself really. It’s just the piston firing order setup that SPIES’ R1 uses is very similar to Rossi’s M1’s firing order.

Im assuming the mentality and technology trickled down a bit from MOTOGP, but it’s not the same.

"The motorcycles are to be sold for every day use. "

Show me a person who rides their big bike everyday in Taiwan. Even Mo’ Death has a scooter for his dogs.

I don’t mean literally the same bike, I mean a close derivative of it! Same engine layout, capacity, firing order etc.

They’re both inline fours with irregular firing order, four valve heads, made by the same company. Is the new R1 990cc or 998?

Looking at the Ducati Desmosedici got me thinking. If GPs are for prototypes, how can they sell the Desmosedici and race the Desmosedici? GPs shrink to 800cc, hey presto you can sell a 990 GP bike (albeit watered down one) and still race another form of said bike.

I think that’s kind of what Yamaha have done with the new R1, taken a lot of lessons learnt from the 990cc M1 and put them on the new R1 with the knock on effect of being a weapon in WSB.

Any takers?

I haven’t seen any WSB races on TV for a long time unfortunately but I am aware that the rules state they have to be production based. Thanks for that!