NEW "累了走了散了" ReMiX!

Hello again everyone, TripMX here, your friendly neighborhood Forumosan freelance musician~~!

Today, I am please to present to you all my latest song remix, which took me about a month to finish on my iPad, mind you — a remix of a popular Chinese song here called “累了走了散了” (Lei Le Zou Le San Le). From scratch, I rebuilt and remixed this song in accordance with my personal music style. Also, as far as I know as of today, this is the 2nd ever conceived remix of 累了走了散 in the entire world, lol. It’s all in Chinese though, so hopefully you may be able to understand and enjoy! Thank you! :smiley:

My remix is called “累了走了散 (Trip ReMiX)”! :smiley:

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