New RORO ferry for Penghu

Pretty exciting
A brand new Roll On Roll Off ferry for Taiwan
Are there any such ships operating currently in Taiwan?
Is the taichung to China one operating? Is that also a car ferry ?

Way back in the 70s there was a RORO ship sailing from Keelung to hualian once daily for 200 nt
Was awesome I am glad I got to ride it once

Because it ran into difficulties financially and was deliberately sunk in shallow waters just off hualian to collect insurance money

Nobody died and the perps went to jail

That was not a brand new ship but was still pretty nice

That ship was named simply Hualian

Including RORO cars and trucks from/to a couple or few locations.

Some supposedly hold around 200 vehicles.

I’ve been intending to try but haven’t made it yet.

China is pretty strict on vehicles entering, they need an additional license plate for China.

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