New rules for visitor visas?

I screwed up getting my docs. ready in time this year to renew my visa and arc (I am going to be on my wife’s arc this time since I don’t work) .

I was off to HK this week for business and while I was there I thought I would get a Visitors visa. Seemed easy enough to just get a Visitors visa and then when back to Taiwan finish the process.

My wife tells me today that this can no longer be done. That if I arrive in Taiwan on a Visitors visa “new rules” state that you cannot transfer this over … Of course she can’t really get a straight answer from anyone.

Anyone have any problems with this?

i was told the same thing as your wife… but two employers in taiwan are assuring me that this is how they continue to do things.

did she apply for the visa from toronto? because one of the ladies there will do ANYTHING to not give us an easy time.

We haven’t had to deal with the Toronto TECO for our visa’s for some time. Can’t really remember anything good or bad about the place.

I don’t think the rules have changed as far as the HK office is concerned. They were ready to give me a residence visa if I had only brought the original marriage certificate with me.