New Taipei City - Where to sleep near Shiding Old Street (石碇老街)

Hello, I’m planning to do a two-day trek from my home in Xizhi to my girlfriend’s family house south of Xindian. I can split the hike equally into two days if I spend the night in Shiding old street or nearby and the area also offers a few convenience stores to recharge in the morning. Does anybody know a place where I could stay the night and rest, preferably without bringing my own tent?

That’s quite the walk!

“South of Xindian” means Wulai?


It’s not too far from Bitan, I just didn’t know how to describe the area :grinning:

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You can probably get the bus for $30. Might be a better option than sleeping rough


I think he’s into the challenge. :grin:


Air BnB? Shiding is not a tourist spot.

Is there like an old trail you will follow? Or are you planning this like from a map? Taiwan’s mountains are quite treacherous and easy to get lost in.

Deaths while hiking are very high this year already.

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Anything is better than sleeping under the roof of a bus stop, so a good camping spot would do as well.

Most of the route follows the 環大台北天際線 trail. If anyone’s interested, I can share the route I planned.

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I’ve always wanted to stay in Shiding Old Street area to experience dusk and evening and night and mornings and mist and whatever else comes along.

I’ve never found a hotel there though. The nearest were generally around Shenkeng or Jingtong.

Seems like there is a new building there that might have some type of hotel or something but I can’t find it on Google maps.

The only option coming up on for me is this:

Lohas Gallery Long Stay Hostel

Not sure if that is close to your hiking route, or not . . .


I’d be interested in it.

Thank you, I checked these accommodations as well but they would require significant changes to my route, plus they’re a bite expensive given how basic my needs are. Here’s the link to the route @BigDave : If you’d be interested to join, let me know :smile:


Share it with as many people as you can.