New Taipei City's firefighter calendar... 👀

Anybody know if they’re doing this again this coming year? I’m trying to cop one.

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Of course, everyone love firefighters, bless them.
But you got to figure they brought in some ringers there, every one I’ve ever seen in TC was either a bugeyed mutant or a pencil necked Eugene weighing like 45 kg soaking wet with a hardon.

I have to say, I (thankfully) don’t really see many firefighters around, so I can’t really confirm the veracity of this calendar. I sure like how it looks, though, and would be happy to put it on my wall whether the babes pictured are the real deal or not.

Taiwanese cops are reliably pretty hot, this much I’ve noticed.

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Yes. But getting it is very difficult. It is a rare collectible up there with Takeshi’s autograph.

There is also a Taichung one which in name of equality includes both gals and guys.

TC has scads of really seriously cute lady cops.

ETA: Sorry, TC here means Taipei County…not @TainanCowboy

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Glad to know you are also a fan of the men in grey and blue. I get the pick of the litter as I believe they send their tallest and most handsome to guard their boss.

If I got up earlier I’ll see them running around the compound in shorts and tight shirts…

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July is dreamy
I like the way he man-handles that hose.

Big water cannon…subtle

Very powerful hose

Takeshi’s Castle was hilarious. Pity they discontinued it in the 90s…

I like Mr. June, myself. I could get down with some shibari.

Why on earth did they include Miss October?

You buy a calendar to look at seminude men and for one month you’ll be forced to look at a fully dressed lady…

Liberté, égalité, fraternité


With pets. We need a combo with pets.

I’m not complaining. And Miss March is a qt. It’s still nice to see the lady firefighters, just in a different way.

Yeah only one dog in the calendar? Booooo.

image image

My office recently made us all take sexual harassment training (American company). Part of the training was repeated reminders that posters of naked or near-naked persons in the workplace were considered sexual harassment. Two girls in our office have firemen calendars prominently displayed. Needless to say those calendars are still in place. :face_with_monocle:


Is it this calendar in question, or is it something even more risque? Cuz, to be fair, shirtless is far from naked or even near-naked, and that’s as far as it goes in this particular calendar.

American firefighters…somewhat more scanty. Definitely would not pass muster (bear in mind head office is 100% Mormon). Not that I give a fuck but we were made to listen to a one hour long presentation by our own HR staff that covered all this stuff in detail.

Someone here took one of those and replaced the faces with pictures of our colleagues. :eek:

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