New Taipei Tourist and MRT Map - now in Hanyu Pinyin!?

Picked up the latest “Taipei Map - Tourist and MRT Map” from one of the MRT stations and was surprised to see that they romanize in what I believe to be Hanyu Pinyin.

You might think that’s a good idea but I find it rather confusing for ‘the tourist’ who has to fight with the different names now on the map and the writing at the stations itself.
As well I (personally) would find it helpfull if they also had the Chinese names on the “English” map.

They have started to change some of the maps in the stations over to 100% Hanyu Pinyin too, and a few platform signs pointing to “Xinpu”
Only minor niggle is that Chili’an is without an apostrophe.

I wrote to the TRTC last week to inform them of some of the mistakes in the hanyu pinyin on their new route map.

I haven’t received an answer yet.

You should also tell them that there is only one red line, the one between Beitou and Xinbeitou - the others are orange and green all the way. Why can’t they get this right!?

Uh, did I just spot a new station off Qizhang (called Xiaobitan) … !?

Thanks for the link Cranky. I couldn’t see any mistakes. Should Jingan and Yongan have spaces or apostrophes maybe? Or Xiao Nanmen like that?

Anyway, are they actually changing the names of the stations too, or just on the maps. If they are, I think it’s a great thing.

Also interestingly, that’s the first time I’ve seen names for the stations on the planned Neihu /Dazhi liene. Have they started construction?


Yes, construction has been started already some time ago. You can see the heavy construction in Neihu, looks most parts will be elevated like the existing line through town.

As well the new line to Sanzhong & Xinchuang (romanization?) and the Xinyi line are under construction, too.
This would change the connections probably like this when it’s finished:

Red Line: Dansui - XinYi (via CKS)
Green Line: Xindian - Ximending (via CKS / now light green line)
Orange Line: Nanshijiao - Sanzhong & Xinchuang (via Guting and Dongmen, then along Xinsheng & Minquan Rd.)

Later followed by an extension of the green line from Ximending along Nanjing East Road (via Zhongshan station).

These are all under construction or in the final planning stage. Now all we need to do is wait a few years … :laughing: