New Taiwan by Design - Abian International Terminal

Which design do you favor?

  • Norihiko Dan and Associates - Japan
  • Kris Yao Artech - Taiwan

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This coming Saturday and Sunday the winners of the New Taiwan by Design international architectural competition will be chosen. The jury, consisting of five foreigners and three locals, will select a winner from among three finalists for each of the following projects; Keelung Maritime Plaza, Kaohsiung Waterfront Plaza, Tainan Anpin Harbour, and CKS Terminal One Redevelopment.
Below are the preliminary concept designs for two of the CKS finialists.

Norihiko Dan and Associates

Kris Yao Artech

I went for the Japanese design. Yao’s one looks like it came straight out of the 1960s – ugly and old-fashioned.

I’m not especially fond of the Yao’s design either, however his firm is by far the most innovative of the three vying for the contract. The Foster- inspired building at the corner of Minchuan and Fushing, as well as the Luminary Buddhist College in Taichung stand as evidence that the man has considerable talent.
Oh, I neglected to mention that in addition to Norihiko Dan, Chien Architects & Associates, designers of the Yinge Ceramics Museum, are also in the running.

Looks like Norihiko Dan won.