New Teacher

Just arrived in Taiwan a week and two days ago and have taught a couple classes, mostly review of what the students learned last year. I am just curious where can i find game ideas for the students. I am teaching 7-8 yr olds in afternoon and 10-11 yr olds in evening. Just need to get some ideas so the students can actually have fun learning in my class. There is only so long I can keep my hard-ass attitude up and have them listen.


I find the best games are ones that aren’t educational in themselves. Maybe do a snake and ladders combined with a board game drawn with a marker on the board. When it’s the student’s turn, they have to repeat the word as does the whole class. This can be done repeating the word or sentence. Also, when it’s the student’s turn, they have to ask the student next to them the question which that student answers. Then you roll the asker rolls the die/dice. Works awesome. You can do this with phonics or anything else. It’s very easy on the brain plus they practice speaking and hearing.

Not “then you roll the asker rolls” but “then the asker rolls”. Sorry. Typo. You can do variants on this game. My board game is called “Jail Break” is a 5 by 5 square with a prison and a “go to prison”. Back 5, Ahead 5, etc. Change, Jump. Also included and island where they have to break out of rolling a 3,5 or 9. To break out of prison, they need to roll a 7, 11 or double. I combine a snakes and ladders at the begining that contiues on to the prison break game. When you go to the island and you break out, you go to a position on the snake. When you break out of prison, you go to the last position on the snake (right before the prison break part). I usually give 2 stickers to the winners and one to the loser. I try to play in teams so the students get more stickers (and doesn’t take as longer). The only down time from learning is the rolling of the die/dice. So it works great!. Can do this with spelling, too. Anything.