New TGV (HST) record

[quote]French train breaks own record at 553 kph
Malaysia Sun
Wednesday 14th February, 2007

The French high-speed TGV train broke its own rail speed record when it touched 553 km an hour, the daily Le Parisien reported Wednesday.

The record was reached Tuesday afternoon by a special train comprising two motors and three specially equipped cars.

Two test runs were held in secret on the new Paris to Strasbourg line, with the train setting the new record during the second run at a spot 193 km east of Paris. The previous record, 515.3 km per hour, was set by another TGV train on May 18, 1990.
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You guys know that Taiwan will have Maglev right? Any guess as to the supplier?

That’s new to me … where would they put/build it?

taoyuan to the airport. or maybe hualien to taidong… :fatchance:

here is the answer …

[quote]Taiwan Quick Take: Taipei eyeing maglev trains

Saturday, Jun 24, 2006, Page 3
Taipei plans to import magnetically levitated (maglev) trains from Japan, the Chinese-language newspaper United Daily News said yesterday. The company in charge of building the 4.5km Xinyi District Light Rail plans to use the same maglev system used at the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan, the paper said. The Taipei Bureau of Transportation, which screens all construction projects in the city, is likely to approve the proposal at its last screening meeting on Sept. 20, the paper said. The maglev proposal won approval at the Taipei Bureau of Transportation’s initial screening in April. Construction of the maglev rail will take four years and cost NT$16 billion (US$485 million). The Xinyi District Light Rail will circle the world’s tallest building, the 508m-tall Taipei 101. The rail will have 10 stops, and the maglev train will run at 80kph.[/quote]

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