New Turkish restaurant in Danshui - Kappa Turkish Cuisine / 卡帕土耳其料理

A small new Turkish restaurant recently opened in Danshui, at the top of the Yingzhuan Road night market: right at the top, after the final intersection, just before the road turns. I haven’t tried it yet and have no idea about the quality, but it’s good to see more variety in the area.

Menu items include a variety of pitta / pides ranging from $250 up to $280; stews; appetizers & mezes; lentil soup, of course; Turkish kebab sets in the $300 range; rice pudding; Turkish coffee; and ayran (yogurt drink). I confess those prices seem a bit high for the area - they’re competing with night market fare & prices - which worries me for their future.

新北市淡水區英專路120號 / #120 Yingzhuan Road, Danshui, New Taipei City.
Telephone 0973-953668.

Hours 11am to 2:30pm, 5pm to 10pm.


Thanks for the tip, never saw that one … tomorrow :blush:

Someone alert Rifat.

Thanks for the heads-up, but I reckon they’re not going to do much business out there. It’a bit of a dead zone with no foot traffic - shops seem to open up and then disappear two months later.

Hope their landlord gave them a sweet deal on the rent.

Yeah, that’s my worry too - few people cross the road. At least it’s visible from the night market stretch. Further up around the bend, there was a new restaurant every six months for years, until finally that spot became a hairdresser’s a few years ago. This Turkish place is right across from the Philly Cheesesteak place that didn’t really succeed (a decade ago?), but just up the road from the fish & chips / milkshake place that did succeed - and then moved to the waterfront and became too pricy for me to visit very often.

You’d think the university up the hill would mean plenty of foot traffic, but I think most of the students take a bus down to the MRT and then walk back uphill to the night market.

Even further around the bend and up the hill, there is - or was - a little bakery that has/had shockingly good cinnamon buns - genuinely good, and for Taiwan bloody amazing. But the storefront doesn’t even look like a storefront and I’m not sure if they’re still there.

First (?) Report:

Food is good.

“Adana Kebab” lamb minced meat skewer, 360NT: I would have liked it a bit softer/juicier, but the taste was very good, nicely spiced. The sides seem quite little, but good. Smallest portion of ketchup I’ve seen in my life, but hey, the menu photo shows it like that.

“Kiymali peynirli pide” lamb minced meat pide with cheese, 300NT: fit my taste well, quite strong flavor, good.

“Ayran” buttermilk drink, 80NT: very good, refreshing, nice presentation in a metal cup

“Turk cayi” Turkish black tea, 50NT: nothing extraordinary, good, small (as shown in the menu)

“Salata” tomato & cucumber salad, 100NT: good, but smallish portion. Maybe could have been a side on a main dish.

“Sutlac” rice pudding, 100NT: and we have a winner! Best version I’ve had so far, exactly fits my taste. Aromatic, rice not too mushy, not too sweet.

Additionally to the menu items you can find on Google maps, they have some Turkish soft drink and some IIRC non-turkish beer.

Not being Turkish I’m not an authority on the authenticity. But I’ve lived a few years in the middle of what I guess is one of the biggest community of Turks outside of turkey: Mannheim. I would say it’s quite similar, but of course by far not the awesome CP value. But then, we are 9000km away from that Turkish good heaven.

I also like what the owners did to that place, nicely and accurately renovated what must have been a proper shithole before. Unfortunately there is no real sink for guests to wash hands, hope they get that figured out.

No. 120號, Yingzhuan Road, Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 251
0973 953 668


Is this still open? When I search for the address I get a ramen shop’s Facebook page, but since the ramen shop is in “B1” I’m hoping this is still at ground level.

Nope, it didn’t last long I’m afraid. I think he moved to a Danshui waterfront location, but that didn’t last long either. I tried to go a handful of times to the latter location (I liked the food at the first place) but never figured when or even if it was open.

No. Unfortunately.

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