New Warner Village in Banqiao, Costco in Zhonghe?

Does anyone know when the new Warner Village in Banqiao is going to be opening? Also, I heard something about a Costco or Tesco coming to Yonghe in the future … any news on that?

I don’t know about the Warner Village or Tesco…
BUT… have been told by COSTCO their ZhongHe store will be open by Christmas.

Costco in this neck of the woods? Great!

If it’s near an MRT station it might just be worth getting a membership card.

[quote=“SquiggyJahmal”]I don’t know about the Warner Village or Tesco…
BUT… have been told by COSTCO their ZhongHe store will be open by Christmas.[/quote]

I’d be surprized if it is open by Christmas, although you never know.

They have just got the foundations for the building done. It is going to be located on Chung Shan Sec.2, Chung-Ho I think about number 330 ish… Its just up the road from the Carrefore sadly no MTR close by thou

Dingxi Station, then about a ten minute bus ride on #706.

See Costco is opening in Chungho, Taipei County on the 29th of January. Section2, 235 Jong Shan road. Phone 02 22425289. WOW!!

(With apologies for a very short OT remark)… GREAT avatar amos! What an priceless photo! :slight_smile: :bravo:

Costco in Zhonghe might tempt me ot try it again, but I’m still mightily put off by the concept of paying 1600 a year for the privilege of shopping there (and by the fact that if you want to use a visa, it has to be their visa.

Maybe we could share a card Amos?


Bri, get it through our work and you pay only $NT500 a year. The boss has a costco business gold card or whatever and anyone sublisted on her card pays only that amount :slight_smile:

There are a couple of buses that go to the YongHe Costco/Carrefour/B&Q shopping area from the YongAn Market MRT station. It’s a $70 taxi ride from there to the MRT station in case you have lots of bags and need a lift.

That’s absolutely ridiculous that you have to pay a NT$1600 per year membership fee, plus you can’t even use your visa card unless it’s theirs (which we non-citizen foreigners can’t even apply for). Is Costco really worth all this hassle? I don’t want to go through all that trouble just to find out it’s not much better than RT-Mart or Carrefour, and just as expensive as Jason’s or the supermarket at the Breeze Center.

You can barely move your trolley now on the weekends with the $1600 whatever fee, imagine if it was free. If you know someone with a company card, get put under their name. Get you own card and it only 500.

If you bring a friend of the opposite sex you can apply for a spouse card, so the cost is half of the membership fee per year per person. Not sure if they accept same-sex spouses–but you should try and tell us all. You can also use any American Express besides their own credit card. I like to make a trip over there once in a while to stock up on stuff (like cinnamon rolls), or to get wine, etc., if I am having a party. Their hot dog condiment section strikes me as less than sanitary.

Membership fees are NT$1000 for business members, and NT$1200 for non-business members.

Has anyone been to the new Costco in Zhonghe yet? Has it even opened? As we all know, “the end of January” doesn’t always really mean “the end of January” in Taiwan …

The Costco in Zhonghe is open.

It’s open, but avoid it on the weekend if you don’t like big crowds and lineups. I got my membership there with a friend when they first opened through a 2 for 1 promotion. So we only ended up paying 600nt each, but I think it’s over now. As for the Banchiao Warner Village…is that happening?

Agreed, avoid it on the weekends if you can but the same can be said about Neihu too. There’s hardly anyone there (Neihu and Zhonghe) at lunches on weekdays … well considerably quieter anyway.