NEW xbox 360 officially unveiled

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I just watched the MTV unveiling thing. I don’t think I’ve been so entirely underwhelmed in my life. What little in-game stuff they showed was perhaps marginally better than current-gen stuff, and aside from Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, and maybe Quake 4, the launch lineup leaves me cold. And what’s up with that name? XBox 360? WTF? That said, it’s a slightly better name than Revolution… gack… To be honest, unless they can pick up the pace, I don’t see X360 being any more successful than the current one. The PS3 will most likely smoke them, and depending on the specifics of Revolution, I would expect it to be a close race between NR and X360 for second, but a long drop from first place.

there’s gonna be a war between the ps3 and the xbox360 (the revolution already lost the race a long time ago) and it starts today with sony unveiling its new console… the specs of both consoles are so high that at the end i believe most users wont see any difference (in gfx). yes, exclusive games for xbox or ps will make the difference…
i’d give xbox360 a winner but i might be wrong :wink:

I don’t see X360 coming within cooee of PS3. Not because either is better or worse, simply because the PS3 already has the marketshare thanks to the massive domination of the industry by the PSX and PS2. The next generation will, in terms of marketshare, be more or less identical to the current I think - Sony will own the other two with, I’d say, about 70% or so of the market, X360 sitting probably about 15%-20%, and NR at 10%-15%. This is, of course, barring Nintendo managing to pull any major surprises out, but despite being a lifelong Nintendo supporter, I don’t see it happening.

how about the many publishers and developpers who dropped sony to make exclusive xbox360 games? did you include them in your market shares theory? :laughing:

I know you desperately want to see X360 pull ahead, but it won’t. You can talk contracts till the cows come home. Unless the games are outstanding, it won’t make any difference; the Playstation brand has mindshare as well as marketshare, it’ll take nothing short of a miracle or a mindbogglingly large screwup by Sony for them to lose it. I do see X360 making some ground on PS3, but not much. And as for the “exclusives”, well, we’ll see. Remember when Halo was an XBox exclusive? Turned out real exclusive, didn’t it? And given that X360 controllers are apparently going to be Longhorn compatible, I don’t see that exclusivity lasting long.

you don’t even know me, how would you say that? if you are referring to my online biz, well, i do trade ps2 stuff but wholesale only…

ain’t we talking xbox360/ps3 here. and by the way, i thought longhorn was developped by a little company called microsoft :raspberry:
halo was an exclusive xbox game that was ported to teh pc many years after its launch. so, we’ll see when halo3 is ported to the pc in 2009, ok?

market shares dont mean anything, product appeal does…

Do you even understand the concept of market share? Do you even know what I’m talking about?

as long as you understand yourself, it’s ok! :bravo:

No, because it’s hard to have a good debate when the two sides aren’t on the same page. But anyway, I’m going to take that sidestep as a “no”.

well, while you are at, please explain what happened to the nintendo market share some while ago… and the sony “miracle” by the way… i guess you know you’re thing so it’s no problem for you, right?

please debate and stop with your same and only market share thing.also, answer the arguments i threw in… there will be exclusive games made for the xbox360 by developpers who did exclusive games for the ps1/ps2 in the past. you cant deny that it will have a huge impact!

consoles are a hot market and anything can happen. more xbox than ps2 consoles sold in the usa for xmas last year, does it ring a bell?

The USA thing makes little difference. Globally the XBox is still running a mile behind the PS2 in sales. The industry doesn’t solely exist in the States. Plus considering the levels of sales of each, it was only natural it would happen eventually - compare how many people before that Christmas already had PS2s to how many already had XBoxes.

The exclusivity thing… I already addressed that - we’ll have to wait and see how exclusive these exclusives really are. I’ve seen exclusivity agreements come and go in the industry before, I’m not reading too much into it yet. It could very well have a major impact, but I still don’t see the X360 picking up much more than 10% tops on the current levels. Considering MS have about one quarter the numbers Sony has, any hope of them drawing even or even passing Sony in the coming generation is nothing short of delusional. There is a good chance, though, that they could set themselves up for a genuine challenge to Sony’s superiority in the following generation.

And I knew you were going to bring up the Nintendo thing. That’s no problem at all. Nintendo were too cocky and rested on their laurels after the SNES. They were too late getting into the next generation, especially after what turned out to be their single biggest mistake - ditching Sony’s cooperation on the shelved Super CD. While Nintendo were up in their ivory tower, Sony seized on the opportunity to use what they’d developed and learned from the dead SCD and took the plunge. They initiated the next generation, which was a huge leap ahead from the 16-bit generation, and caught Nintendo with their pants down. Then when Nintendo finally tried to catch up, not only had they well and truly lost the lead, but they stubbornly stuck with the cartridge format, which essentially rendered the N64 uncompetitive.

Such a massive shift in the scene is unlikely to happen again for a long time, because Nintendo’s gigantic series of blunders and massive losses have been a cautionary tale. Notice how all three players reveal details on their new systems within a short time of one another? Notice how the gap between each new console’s release is only a few months tops? Nintendo’s failure to seize on the post-16-bit era at the right time is up there with the legendary ET debacle as a lesson. The only way there could be another major, rapid shift would be if one of the players - or a new one - comes along with something that genuinely alters the face of gaming. Incremental updates in graphics and processing power are not going to do that. And for all Nintendo’s big talk about Revolution and Evolution, I don’t see them pulling anything out in the foreseeable future. On top of that, Nintendo’s misjudged the change in the industry that Sony’s rise has caused. Nintendo still orient themselves more toward the hardcore gamers, they’ve missed the boat on appealing to the masses, and their eschewing of online play this generation has probably not helped, although the number of people playing online console games is a pretty small percentage of the total number of console owners.

usa is a huge console if you hadnt realize that…
i dont think many people imagined 3 years ago that the xbox would get where it is now…

well, if they say these games will be exclusive, they will be. i’d trust them more than i’d trust you, not because you dont seem to know anything about it but because they make the contracts, not you!
i never heard of any game exclusive to ps2 or xbox and ending on another console platform… games like halo or riddick were indeed ported to the pc, but that’s not console and it’s ms anyway…

sony will introduce bluray in its next console. many see this as extremely risky (very high cost, not yet adopted). ms will use its hd-dvd if needed and wont have the costs sony will have to face…
so, who’s gonna make a mistake this time? it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming years…

i truly believe ms has a great chance to make that shift happen or at least get close to it. many analysts give sony 55% and ms 45% after 3 years. i’m pretty sure we’ll get close to that.
also, the xbox360 will be probably out many months before the ps3 and will have time to establish itself. so far, xbox360 seems to have working prototypes while sony has yet to get the cpu ready for its new console… well, the name “cell” for that cpu does exist however…

to get back to original topic anyway, there are many games annouced for the 360 and some like gears of war seem to be really great and thats what gamers want after all. good news in all this is that there will be good games to pick on both platforms!

this link is interesting, especially long article/response by PKG in the middle of the page: … rt-4-of-4/

now that almost everybody realizes that sony lied again at the E3 and displayed cgi movies pretending they are in-game movies… :fume:

[url= Killzone 2[/url]. Sony, Epic, and EA’s stuff was running real-time, according to Epic’s Mark Rein.

according to eyewitnesses, epic’s in-game “movie” was without any doubt a “representation” (=cgi) where camera could be moved… there was absolutely no gameplay to be seen.
also, sony didnt display any playable material… ms did but… on a g5 mac with a x800xt gfx :unamused: